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Published on 12/22/2021 by Sonal Srivastava

Managing multiple campaign promotions and client and donor outreach tasks could potentially become challenging for non profit organizations with limited budgets. Further —to support businesses— the Government of Canada has announced the recent launch of the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) for small to midsize enterprises (SMEs). However, could it also benefit non profit organizations?

Digitalization of non profit organisations can have myriad benefits

Through the launch of the CDAP, the Canadian Government could enable non profits to support small businesses by offering advisory services and grants and to implement their eCommerce strategies. These government initiatives could encourage non profit organizations to adopt digital solutions.

In the next section, we will discuss how digital non profit solutions could potentially widen the scope of growth for Canadian non profit entities.

Why should non profits opt for digital solutions?

Some non profit organizations may struggle to upgrade their operational processes. They majorly operate on grant funds and donations, which could be a significant aspect limiting their adoption of digital tools. Unlike businesses generating profits, non profit organizations could find themselves lagging when it comes to upgrading their IT infrastructure. However, there are a few software solutions that can help non profit organizations increase their productivity.

Digital non profit solutions could potentially help entities not just spread awareness about any cause they are working on but also reach more clients or donors through online portals. Here are a few benefits of digital non profit solutions that could help entities make an impact.

Aids in better website engagement

As working from home has generally become the new normal, digital non profit solutions could help entities automate their website visitor engagement tasks, such as creating awareness campaigns and events using HTML coding customization solutions that help in designing and customizing website pages. 

Increasing the impact of your non profit 

The adoption of digital non profit solutions could allow non profits to amplify their program’s impact by tracking previous and potential future donors and informing them about upcoming fundraising events through automated emails and social media platforms.

Improving reach and helping in fundraising

Digital non profit solutions could help entities scale-up fundraising activities by conveniently creating and circulating advertisements on various online portals through campaign management solutions.

Simplifying donations and payment transactions

Digital non profit solutions could help organizations receive donations and organize digital fund-raising events by integrating several online payment portals, as well as tracking and managing client repositories. According to a Forbes article on the use of social media, “as people become more comfortable with their digital devices during the pandemic, they provide non profits with a captive audience for engagement.” This feature could help entities identify potential future donors.

Useful digital technologies non profits can opt for

Now that we know of some advantages, we will now discuss some useful tools non profits could benefit from using. It’s important to bear in mind that the decision to opt for appropriate software solutions for non profit organizations could still be challenging. ‘Digital non profit solutions’ is an umbrella term that covers various software types, which could include the following: 

Customer relationship management tools

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools could help non profit organizations retain their donors and clients as they offer a personalized experience by developing campaign strategies tailored to their interests and sentiments. With CRM systems, organizations can potentially manage volunteers and identify and manage different donor groups for better target engagement, which could allow them to implement their initiatives and operations promptly. 

Website builder tools

According to Statista —as of October 2021— “the number of mobile internet users in Canada stood at 33.7 million, and by 2026, Canada’s mobile population is projected to surpass 38 million users.” Such numbers could indicate that the potential shift from desktop to mobile phones among Canadians could increase the need for generic (not necessarily non profit-focussed) mobile-friendly website building solutions. With these tools, organizations can also potentially update their calendars and directories and set up webinars —ideally without the need for an IT expert.

Accounting tools

As the need to update accounting information persists among entities, non profit organizations could be looking to opt for digital non profit solutions that can support financial management. With the appropriate accounting tools, non profits could keep digital records of grants or publicly gifted funds. They can also potentially help provide solutions that enable generating insightful finance-related reports that could support decision making. 

Campaign management tools

As the need for organizing campaigns, advertising events, and updating customers and donors alike remains, non profit entities could opt for generic (not necessarily non profit-focussed) campaign management solutions, which essentially includes email and social media marketing, among other functions. With such tools, companies could potentially automate emails sent to target donors regarding different initiatives they may run.

All in all

As the need for simplifying data for assessing and improving strategies and campaigns persists, non profit organizations could benefit from the integration and adoption of digital tools. Digital non profit solutions could allow entities to customize their set of applications and services by opting for tools that align with their functional requirements, such as fundraising and generating awareness about worthy causes. 

However —with a limited budget— most non profits could struggle to find tools that may be suitable for their entity. Opting for the appropriate tools could help non profits digitize their organizations and scale operations.

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This article may refer to products, programs or services that are not available in your country, or that may be restricted under the laws or regulations of your country. We suggest that you consult the software provider directly for information regarding product availability and compliance with local laws.

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Sonal was a content analyst for GetApp.

Sonal was a content analyst for GetApp.