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Published on 2024-04-02 by Tessa Anaya

Automation is changing many aspects of day-to-day life. We asked over 300 consumers in Canada about their shopping and dining habits and whether automation could make it easier. … Continue Reading

Published on 2024-03-07 by Alejandra Aranda and Tessa Anaya

Not all of the data that a business collects is used strategically. This unused data is collecting dust in companies who have yet to learn how to take advantage of it. Discover what dark data is and how it can help achieve your objectives with the help of business intelligence (BI) software.  … Continue Reading

Published on 2024-02-01 by Smriti Arya

Read our survey analysis to explore how businesses in Canada are using artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance threat protection and overcome security issues.    … Continue Reading

Published on 2024-01-30 by Smriti Arya

Are employees in Canada aware of cybersecurity risks? Do they have adequate data security strategies in place to prevent cyberattacks? What actions are being taken by their organizations to safeguard their businesses? Read our survey analysis to discover how Canadian firms are dealing with cybersecurity risks.  … Continue Reading

Published on 2023-12-21 by Anna Sheridan

Earning a customer’s loyalty could help differentiate your business from competitors and ensure one-time consumers convert to recurring buyers. So how can you ensure your customers will want to come back for more? eCommerce customer loyalty programs could be the answer. … Continue Reading

Published on 2023-11-24 by Smriti Arya

Do employees in Canada feel valued at work? How much importance do learning and development programs hold for them? Has the emergence of generative AI tools made employees want to upskill more? Read our survey report that uncovers all these topics in depth. … Continue Reading

Published on 2023-11-17 by Smriti Arya

In the era of hybrid work, companies may prefer to conduct employee training remotely by using digital tools such as online learning management software (LMS). How are these platforms used within Canadian organizations? What do employees think of such programs? GetApp surveyed around 1,000 employees in Canada to answer all these questions.  … Continue Reading

Published on 2023-09-29 by Smriti Arya

Hackers continuously design new ways to trick users into performing actions which may cause reputational or financial loss. However, deploying suitable measures and identifying phishing attacks may stop users from falling prey to such cybercrimes. GetApp surveyed 457 employees and managers who have faced phishing attacks at least once to understand what they are doing to protect their business from such scams. … Continue Reading

Published on 2023-09-26 by Smriti Arya

Since the present-day workplace landscape involves more remote and hybrid workers, the scope of cybersecurity attacks may also be increasing. GetApp surveyed 457 employees and managers who have received phishing attacks at least once at work to understand how they deal with such attacks. … Continue Reading

Published on 2023-08-29 by Smriti Arya

Generative AI technology is gaining popularity, but do businesses have guidelines or policies in place to regulate its use? GetApp surveyed 660 employees who use generative AI tools about guidance on the usage of such tools and how to make the best of this technology. … Continue Reading

Published on 2023-08-24 by Tessa Anaya

Video marketing is becoming an important part of many marketers’ toolkits. We surveyed over 250 marketing professionals and executives to find out how important the format is for their business and what the future holds. … Continue Reading

Published on 2023-08-16 by Tessa Anaya

Using video on social media can be a great way to reach new customers, but many SMEs are not sure of the best way to do it. We asked over 250 marketing professionals who work with video what works for them. … Continue Reading

Published on 2023-08-08 by Smriti Arya

The term ‘Generative AI’ seems to be everywhere, and almost everyone seems to be using this tech already. But what does it mean, exactly, and how are Canadian companies using it? Read our survey analysis about how firms can use such tools without harming their business. … Continue Reading

Published on 2023-08-02 by Tessa Anaya

Does the popularity of digital wallets indicate that Canada is moving towards a cashless society? We surveyed over 1,000 smartphone users in Canada to find out. … Continue Reading

Published on 2023-07-20 by Tessa Anaya

We asked just over 1,000 smartphone users in Canada what they think of digital wallets and how they use them. The results tell us a lot about the future of tech, commerce, and finance. … Continue Reading

Published on 2023-06-30 by Tessa Anaya

Shopping online involves much more than simply clicking “buy now”. We explore what the customer journey means to SMEs and explain how to create your own customer journey maps. … Continue Reading

Published on 2023-05-03 by Tessa Anaya

Trust matters online. Consumers need to know their personal data is secure, but what actions do they expect from the brands they shop with? We examine which factors are most important in building a good digital reputation.  … Continue Reading

Published on 2023-04-26 by Tessa Anaya

Building consumer trust online requires much more than good cybersecurity. We asked almost 1,000 web users in Canada how they protect their data and what gives them confidence in brands. … Continue Reading

Published on 2023-04-11 by Tessa Anaya

Search providers claim to give us the most useful answers to our queries, but do web users in Canada trust what they see? How can trust levels factor into SEO strategies for online and social media search? We asked 1,000 of online search users to deliver insights. … Continue Reading

Published on 2023-03-30 by Smriti Arya

Using software to complete day-to-day activities such as connecting with friends or tracking your steps is nowadays becoming so common. We usually rely on apps and tools built by software companies from when we wake up to when we go to sleep. The increasing demand for software and tech companies seems evident in this context. We will list the Canadian software companies that have received top user ratings and reviews from Canadians across various categories, such as employee recognition software, ticketing software, etc. … Continue Reading

Published on 2023-03-21 by Tessa Anaya

Search is a daily activity for most web users in Canada, but web search engines aren’t the only platform they use. Before investing in SEO tools and marketing strategies, here’s what SMEs need to know. … Continue Reading

Published on 2023-03-06 by Smriti Arya

Technology can potentially transform how library operations are performed. From keeping the library organized and stocked to placing orders and managing renewals, there’s a lot to do when it comes to handling a library. This article presents different areas of library automation where emerging technologies can be used to reshape library functions. … Continue Reading

Published on 2023-02-28 by Tessa Anaya and Smriti Arya

This article was originally published on 07/28/2021. Sifting through the abundant startup funding Canada has to offer can be overwhelming for burgeoning startups with limited resources. Canada’s many grant opportunities are one reason the nation was named the fourth-best global startup ecosystem by StartupBlink. While it may demand comprehensive research and an administrative approach, applying for grants is a great strategy to seek funding in Canada. … Continue Reading

Published on 2023-02-14 by Tessa Anaya

The metaverse promises more immersive and interactive ways to use the web. Could brands use this to create better shopping experiences? We asked 1,000 people in Canada to find out. … Continue Reading

Published on 2023-02-14 by Smriti Arya and Sonal Srivastava

This article was originally published on 01/18/2022. A construction project’s success usually depends on a well-thought-out planning process. This article explains almost every aspect of construction project planning, how it can be executed and how construction management software can help achieve it. … Continue Reading

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