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Green marketing: 5 sustainable trends for your SME

Published on 2021-08-24 by Caroline Rousseau and Tessa Anaya

As the world faces the mounting challenges of climate change, Canadians have shown concern about the balance between economic growth and environmental protection. As Canada continues to increase focus on sustainable development efforts (such as those outlined in the government’s Federal Sustainable Development... Continue Reading


How to build a tech stack for your restaurant or bar

Published on 2021-08-05 by Tessa Anaya

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, restaurants and bars have had to quickly understand and implement new digital technologies. Some chains already used common tools like restaurant management software, as well as point-of-sale, accounting, and payment processing software. Here we examine some of the new tools and... Continue Reading


A checklist for securing startup funding in Canada

Published on 2021-07-28 by Tessa Anaya

Sifting through the abundant startup funding Canada has to offer can be overwhelming for burgeoning startups with limited resources. Canada’s many grant opportunities are one reason the nation was named the fourth-best global startup ecosystem by StartupBlink. While it may demand comprehensive research and an... Continue Reading


User authentication: 55% of Canadians reuse passwords across accounts

Published on 2021-06-30 by Tessa Anaya

Since the earliest days of the computer, user authentication has been an ongoing challenge for designers. How does a system ensure that the person sitting behind the device really is who they say they are? Passwords have long been the standard method of user authentication. But today, biometric techniques such as... Continue Reading