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About Tricentis LiveCompare

Tricentis LiveCompare offers advanced analytics and insights to reduce the risks, time, and cost associated with delivering and supporting changes to SAP solutions. It enables organizations to fast-track releases, optimize operations, and confidently deliver transformation initiatives. One of the key advantages of LiveCompare is its ability to provide real-time, accurate information about what needs to be tested in SAP systems. It also ensures higher-quality releases with zero defects by catching potential issues before they impact the system.

LiveCompare offers a range of features to support SAP projects. It monitors the quantity and quality of custom code, executes ABAP unit tests, and provides insights into how changes affect the larger SAP environment. By helping developers submit high-quality code and reducing technical debt, it enables organizations to standardize best practices and improve overall efficiency. It provides role-based user interfaces and guides based on SAP Activate methodology, empowering teams to collaborate effectively and implement changes on time.

LiveCompare helps organizations understand and analyze system usage, landscape, business processes, integrations, custom code, and security. By factoring in landscape and usage data, LiveCompare accurately determines the risks associated with system changes and offers actionable insights for testing.


Tricentis LiveCompare Software - Tricentis LiveCompare process realization
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Tricentis LiveCompare Software - Tricentis LiveCompare process realization

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Tricentis LiveCompare

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Tricentis Tosca

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