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  • Industry: Consumer Services
  • Company size: 11-50 Employees
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Method is the only true 2-way sync with a FULLY customizable platform. 5 stars

Reviewed on 11/11/2022


Method's customer support has probably been the best part so far about our experience. While the platform covers all of our needs and allows tailoring, customization, and automation to make it a perfect fit for our company, the true differentiator between Method and other platforms we have tried has been the white-glove service. Specifically, [SENSITIVE CONTENT], our representative who onboarded us and provided support over the last 40 days has been phenomenal to work with. We have had weekly zoom meetings where we have screen shared, gone over questions and concerns, handled some basic customization questions, and taken time to familiarize ourselves with the platform. The level of commitment to customer service really makes Method shine above the rest, as tech support and customer service can make or break an experience with a software/subscription service.


Nothing was hard to use. We have a lot of feedback and ideas that can benefit the platform and it's users as a whole but generally those are all improvements specific to our industry, or service industry users and by no means speak badly of the platform as a whole.

Reasons for Switching to Method:Field Services

We ran a demo on every platform that would allow it, and then paid for a one month subscription on EVERY platform whose subscription cost was less than $200 a month (but wouldn't allow a demo, or required a 1 year contract). Method was the only platform with True quickbooks 2-way sync, truly customizable settings available for every aspect of their platform, and which also had customer support that was in-touch with what their target demographic needed from a CRM and Field Management software. Several other platforms claimed to have Quickbooks 2-way sync, and then would be missing core items such as products and services, or payments etc. Other platforms that were more tailored to our industry (landscape design & commercial landscape maintenance) would have great utility but limited customizations and insane monthly costs (some as high as 1.5% of our gross revenue per year).We were looking for a platform whose functionality and utility would grow and scale with our company. While Method was not tailored to our industry at the time of this review, this wound up almost being an asset. It resulted in us taking the little bit of time necessary to learn what this platform was truly capable of in regards to customization and automation, and inevitably led to the realization that we did not want to invest the time and effort of transitioning to a new platform unless it's utilities were capable of evolving and growing as our company scales.Thank you [SENSITIVE CONTENT]!

Response from Method Integration

Hello Michael!
We're so happy to hear that Method's customer support has helped make yours an outstanding experience.
Thank you so much for sharing your feedback!