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ClickCease is a click fraud detection tool designed to help users detect & block click fraud on Google AdWords & Bing Ad campaigns from competitors & bots Read more about ClickCease
Google and Facebook Ads Automation and Optimisation Tool
Adzooma is a cloud-based campaign management and PPC solution which helps advertising agencies automate digital campaigns across multiple social platforms. Using machine learning, Adzooma monitors marketing campaigns on Google Ads & Facebook Ads, helping to optimize budget & ROI. Read more about Adzooma
PPC marketing campaign management software for Google Ads
TrueClicks helps organizations create, launch, and manage pay per click (PPC) marketing campaigns. Designed for Google Ads, it lets users track campaigns, view activities, and configure account preferences to optimize advertisements’ impact and engagement with the target audience. Read more about TrueClicks
PPC ads management solution for Google & Bing search engines
Adalysis makes managing your Google Ads & Microsoft Ads accounts easy and profitable. It's easy enough to use for beginners but has the power expert PPC users require. Read more about Adalysis
Tools for PPC Pros
Don't waste your time on repetitive tasks in Google Ads. Our PPC automation tools are built to save you time! Our tools include a historical Quality Score Tracker, One-Click Optimizations™, Custom Reports, and Unique Data Insights. Read more about Optmyzr
The All-In-One Marketing Reporting Platform for Agencies.
AgencyAnalytics is the all-in-one PPC reporting dashboard that impresses clients and saves time. Connect to multiple data sources & easily create automated, cross-channel PPC reports. Designed to showcase your agency's full marketing impact. Read more about AgencyAnalytics
The 1st AI-backed All-in-one Marketing Platform
Madgicx is like 7 AdTech products for the price of 1. Instead of looking for multiple point solutions, use a powerful all-in-one platform for Automation Tactics, AI Audiences, Ad Creation, Creative Insights, Bidding and Budget Optimization, and a Strategic Dashboard. Read more about Madgicx
AdNabu helps you to easily create a Google Shopping feed
AdNabu’s app helps you to easily create Google Shopping feed & run Google Ads. All changes from your Shopify store is fetched and updated automatically in the feed. Read more about AdNabu for Google Shopping
AI-powered ad fraud detection tool
Spider AF is an AI-powered ad fraud detection tool that detects, blocks, and prevents digital app and web ads from fake clicks and installs. With centralized fraud management and accurate AI scoring, advertisers can easily detect fraudulent activity across all published ads. Read more about Spider AF
Proofreading platform with a Google Chrome extension
Wordtune is a proofreading platform, which helps businesses, educational institutions, and other professionals leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to rewrite and edit sentences to improve written communication skills. It also helps students shorten or expand text's length according to required formats. Read more about Wordtune
Cloud-based campaign building and automation platform
Campaign Automator is a campaign management software that is designed for businesses industries including automotive, eCommerce, real estate, and travel. Marketing professionals can update various campaign elements, such as ad groups, keywords, extensions, and languages. Read more about Campaign Automator
PPC campaign management
Google AdWords lets you create ads that appear in Google search results for certain keywords in certain regions, driving more qualified traffic to your website. Read more about Google Ads
Online Advertising Software for SMBs
Wordstream manages Adwords, Bing, and Facebook in one easy-to-use platform, helping advertisers optimize their spend in just 20 minutes a week. Read more about WordStream Advisor
Rea-time click fraud detection & protection software
ClickGUARD is an advanced click fraud protection solution for organizations of all sizes to run secure PPC campaigns. The solution detects and eliminates fraudulent and illegitimate clicks from campaigns, while preventing potential damage and mitigating future threats. Read more about ClickGUARD
SEO and advertising research tools
SpyFu combines SEO, PPC and keyword research and gives actionable advice for improvements to advertising strategy Read more about SpyFu
Google Ads management tool
Opteo is a Google Ads management tool for freelancers & Digital Agencies which makes improvement suggestions backed by statistically relevant data Read more about Opteo
PPC & SEO reporting platform for agencies
NinjaCat is an all-in-one reporting, call tracking, and call monitoring solution for tracking pay-per-click campaigns, SEO, AdWords, and more for digital marketing agencies. The platform provides tools for PPC reporting, budget monitoring, call tracking, campaign monitoring, SEO reporting, and more. Read more about NinjaCat
Performance media solution for digital marketers
Acquisio is a suite of solutions for agencies and marketers to sell, launch, manage, optimize and report on digital advertising campaign on Google, Facebook and Bing Ads. Marketers use their industry leading AI-powered PPC automation solutions to improve efficiency and scale their business. Read more about Acquisio
Advertising performance optimization platform for marketers
AdScale is a Google AdWords performance optimization platform for digital marketers. The software uses mathematical and statistical models as well as machine learning technology to deliver 24/7 algorithmic bid and budget management, and smart, actionable recommendations for advertisers and agencies. Read more about AdScale
Google Ads Click Fraud Detection & Protection Software
Clixtell provides advanced Google Ads automated click fraud protection and detection services, call-only ads tracking & click monitor, live reporting, web analytics, and PPC click fraud protection tools for businesses & advertising agencies. Read more about Clixtell
All-in-one reporting solution for digital marketing agencies
Our live digital marketing reporting tool allows you to present all key results you've had for your PPC campaigns. Track specific custom conversions from Facebook or present your client with an all campaign overview of your Google Ads campaigns in one slick & live dashboard. Try it free! Read more about Reportz
Web-based tool for optimizing Google Ad campaigns
Clever Audit is a free web-based software designed to help businesses optimize Google Ad campaigns through ready-to-use recommendations and tips. It lets advertisers manage device targeting by adjusting bids according to the performance of ads. Read more about Clever Audit
Native Advertising Platform
Outbrain is the worlds leading native advertising platform. Connecting readers, publishers and marketers. Read more about Outbrain
Innovative product ads automation tool for Google AdWords
BlueWinston is an innovative product ads tool for Google Search product advertising automation which enables users to create & synchronize ads & long-tail keywords for hundreds of products in just a few minutes. Read more about BlueWinston
Programmatic advertising tool for demand-side platforms
Scibids helps businesses leverage AI technology and machine learning capabilities to automate campaign analysis and optimization processes. The DSP enables supervisors to automatically analyze data generated from the programmatic buying stack, including conversion data files from the ad server. Read more about Scibids
Cloud-based competitor research and monitoring tool
iSpionage is a cloud-based solution which helps small to large digital marketing enterprises manage processes related to competitive research & monitoring, letting businesses use landing page analytics & SEO rank tracking to improve overall marketing strategies & performance across search engines. Read more about iSpionage
Transform data silos into revenue growth
QuanticMind is the industry’s first unified system of record that ties together all of a brand's marketing data. Our breakthrough machine learning technology, including campaign optimization, predictive analytics, and full-funnel reporting, allows brands to engage through the entire customer journey Read more about QuanticMind
PPC management & optimization software for Amazon vendors
Sellics is an all-in-one PPC management & optimization software for Amazon vendors and sellers that combines 7 key features to help users scale their business. Measure profit, optimize Amazon PPC, improve rankings, manage reviews, research products, monitor competitors and control inventory. Read more about Sellics
Closed-loop reporting and automation software for paid media
AdStage provides a single platform for cross-network PPC campaign creation, management, analytics, and reporting Read more about AdStage
Predictive Sales & Marketing Analytics
Funnel Science is a sales, marketing, and predictive AI software for real-time ROI optimization for PPC, SEO & social media ad campaigns for brands & agencies Read more about Funnel Science
The only fully automated click fraud solution for Google Ads
The only fully automated click fraud protection tool for PPC advertisers. Instantly & automatically block click fraud and improve your ROI without having to lift a finger. Read more about PPC Protect
Google Adwords, Bing & Amazon advertising optimization
Spaceboost empowers the world to drive higher efficiency, effectiveness, & transparency in Google, Bing, & Amazon’s paid search marketing programs. Read more about Spaceboost
Your Google Ads copilot - Boost your ROI, save time & money
SEISO is an advanced Google Ads insight platform. Get your report and start optimizing your campaigns today. Certified Google Partner. Read more about SEISO
Online marketing campaign automation for Google and Bing
ADchieve is a comprehensive online marketing campaign automation tool that combines text ads, shopping campaigns, campaign management and insights for Goolge and Bing campaigns into one solution. It can be used as a self-service offering or in conjunction with professional consulting services. Read more about ADchieve
Marketing and competitor analysis solution
Pulse is a marketing analysis solution that helps businesses analyze competitors & compare performance across multiple departments. It comes with a built-in scoring model, which assists enterprises with ranking companies across various verticals using paid, as well as organic, data. Read more about Pulse
Online Advertising Management Platform
Marin Software provides online advertising management solutions, offering an integrated platform for managing search (SEM), display, and social marketing. Read more about Marin Software
Marketing automation for franchises, and small businesses
SambaSaaS is a marketing automation solution for small businesses, franchises & brands offering automated SEO, PR, social marketing, email nurturing, CRM, website builder, shopping cart & more Read more about SeoSamba Marketing Operating System
Web-based content marketing platform for writers & editors
Taboola is a web-based content marketing platform for freelance content writers, publishers, and marketing agencies to drive traffic and monetize their content Read more about Taboola
Growth infrastructure for eCommerce
Grow market-share, be an early adopter, and hit your targets while drastically reducing your time spent on campaign execution. Control budgets and ACoS, strategize on what customers to target and we’ll optimize the rest. If you manage the Amazon P&L, we can get you promoted. Read more about Perpetua
AI-Powered PPC optimization and analysis platform for SMBs
Adspert is an analysis tool that optimizes advertisements on Google Ads, Amazon Advertising, and Microsoft Advertising. It can be used to access the search engine, Yandex, and optimize the display of Russian advertisements at Yandex Advertising. Read more about Adspert
FREE AdWords PPC Software
adCore is a leading advertising technology platform, providing automated solutions for day-to-day Search Engine Marketing tasks. Read more about adCore
PPC software that helps agencies optimize PPC ad spend
Shape is the PPC budgeting solution for optimizing ad spend. Track campaign performance progress toward your goals & adjust in real time. Never overspend again! Read more about Shape
Threat engagement analytics platform
TEA Software is a threat & engagement analytics solution from Shopping Cart Elite which measures visitor engagement & supports automated click fraud protection Read more about TEA Software
All-in-One Marketing Solution
Ptengine is a complete marketing and analytics platform. We help you to truly understand your users and take actions by personalizing content and run A/B-tests. It's free to get started and ready to go in a few minutes. Read more about Ptengine
PPC campaign building and management
WordStream for PPC is a robust platform for managing pay-per-click marketing efforts involving large numbers of keywords. WordStream turns your private keyword data into profit-driving PPC campaigns. Read more about Keyword Management for PPC
PPC management software
ClickSweeper offers a full range of PPC management solutions to fit the varying requirements of both agencies and in-house online marketing managers. ClickSweeper provides a full range of bidding strategies so that you can select the one that best matches your business goals. Read more about Clicksweeper
All-in-one conversion tracking software
Easily import offline conversions, sales and phone calls. All-in-one Conversion Tracking with Leadtosale! Optimise your PPC bids to get more sales. Read more about Leadtosale


Product ranking & optimizing software for Amazon storefronts
SEOShelf is an Amazon product ranking & optimizing software that reaches potential buyers with the right keywords and PPC campaigns. Read more about SEOShelf
Marketing analytics tool to manage reviews & PPC campaigns
Seller Labs is a marketing analytics software designed to help businesses create strategic plans, manage customer reviews, and run PPC campaigns across various Amazon websites. The integrated communication center enables sellers to share product information with customers via email. Read more about SellerLabs
Competitive intelligence solution for eCommerce businesses
Teikametrics Flywheel is a marketing analytics solution designed to help eCommerce businesses manage advertising campaigns for Amazon and Walmart using AI-based algorithms. It enables managers to define product goals and analyze search behavior of customers to reach the target audience. Read more about Teikametrics Flywheel


Software for automating and optimizing Amazon Ads
Quartile is PPC Platform that helps automate and optimize your Amazon Advertising campaigns with best-in-class artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, blending data science and analytics with deep strategic expertise in e-commerce marketing. Read more about Quartile