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Increase profit margins in your E-commerce business by automating price & stock data collection with Prisync's dynamic pricing engine. Read more about Prisync
Talon.One is a Promotion & Pricing Engine that empowers businesses to deliver relevant, effective and personalized promotions driven by their data. Automate markdown pricing, consolidate pricing and promotion workflows while creating rich, automated incentive campaigns - without the need to code. Read more about Talon.One
Lay the right foundation for managing your stakeholder experiences. From customer insights to market segmentation to concept testing, Qualtrics CoreXM is the single solution for all of your experience data. Read more about Qualtrics CoreXM
Lighthouse Studio is a market research software that helps businesses conduct online and offline surveys to collect responses and run market simulations. Key features include multi-objective search algorithms, alternative-specific conjoint designs, utility constraints, prohibitions, and conditional display. Read more about Lighthouse Studio
Wheelhouse is a suite of software and data tools designed to help ambitious operators drive better results from their portfolios. The Wheelhouse dashboard is your place to quickly a d easily gain deep insight into the current start of your business and your market. Read more about Wheelhouse
AvaiBook is a Channel and Rental Property Management software and Booking engine, all in one. Manage your bookings, accomodatios, guests and owners in one single platform. Fulfill all your tasks on AvaiBook: payments, guests checkin, staff tasks, invoices, contracts... Read more about AvaiBook
Define your own pricing strategies identifying which products can go up or down in price, and get these prices changed in your online store on-the-fly. Read more about Price2Spy
#1 Revenue Management Solution for Vacation Rental Managers and Owners to Get, Grow, and Keep Revenue Read more about Beyond
With Competera's price optimization software, mature brick&click and online retailers make the right pricing decisions for each product across all selling channels with the help of a unique combination of pricing engines and deep learning tech to recover lost profits and meet new shopping patterns. Read more about Competera
PriceShape is a plug-and-play pricing optimization software designed to help businesses of all sizes in the eCommerce industry access competitive insights, create pricing strategies, and improve campaigns on Google Shopping. Read more about PriceShape
BQool Repricing Central is a machine learning-enabled pricing optimization software designed to help businesses reprice products to improve sales, profits, and Buy Box prices using algorithms and data points. Read more about BQool Repricing Central
Lighting-fast, optimized repricing capabilities empower you to gain a competitive advantage and capture more Buy Boxes on every e-commerce channel you use. Read more about Cart Marketplace Management
Hotel Rate Shopper is an AI-powered hotel room rate pricing software to track, monitor, and update your room rates in line with competitor pricing across all your sales channels. Update your room rates as many times as you want & secure the best occupancy rate. Read more about RateTiger
Win the Amazon Buy Box and easily synchronize prices to eBay with the fastest automated pricing optimization tool. Read more about Repricer
No-code task management software for distributed teams, with a mobile app for the frontline, and reporting dashboards for leaders. Assign work, receive proof of completion, and measure execution to improve efficiency and effectiveness, reduce risk, and increase competitive advantage. Read more about FORM MarketX
Omnia's Dynamic Pricing is an integrated product-level pricing, marketing and promotions module that supports retailers with automated algorithm-based pricing Read more about Omnia Dynamic Pricing
Mi9 CRM is an integrated customer experience & relationship management solution with real-time omni-channel customer data, designed specifically for retailers Read more about Mi9 Retail Suite
Our systems daily scan over 400 million products in +30K ecommerce sites from +50 countries all over the world. We provide both retailers and brands with a more comprehensive view of the state of prices in the market that will allow them to build an effective pricing strategy. Read more about Netrivals
Discover is our web-based survey platform that makes choice analytics easier than ever before. Point and click to build a survey easily! Read more about Discover
XPLN offers premium market data and software solutions for Digital Shelf Analytics and pricing optimization to enable big brands and retailers to make confident decisions about product offers and positioning. Monitor e-commerce channels and competitors worldwide, optimize prices dynamically and more Read more about XPLN Suite
Cargoson is cloud based Transportation Management System (TMS) for shippers to organise daily logistics tasks. It is built for manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, 3rd party warehouse logistics providers who are using different logistics companies like DHL, DSV, Schenker, TNT, Fedex,UPS etc. Read more about Cargoson
Data Bunker is a technology consultancy that helps clients with custom business solutions, advanced analytics applications, and lifecycle management of data science and analytics projects. Read more about Data Bunker
TrackStreet is a brand protection software which supports MAP (minimum advertised price), authorized dealer program compliance, and full internet sales channel visibility using proprietary website crawling technologies, automated reseller communications, actionable sales intelligence, and more Read more about TrackStreet
MyForecast is a revenue management software for hotels and accommodation facilities define, track and manage pricing or rates policies across booking channels. Administrators can analyze and compare rates with competitors on structure as well as room levels and manage brand reputation online. Read more about MyForecast
KLIKER is a market intelligence app with real-time data shown on one screen in real-time. Log in to KLIKER to check you brand's performance, your offer's competitiveness or competitor's activities. Read more about KLIKER
Feedvisor is the only integrated, “AI-First” platform for holistic optimization of Amazon advertising, pricing, inventory velocity, and replenishment. Read more about Feedvisor
Count on more revenue without doing more work. With RoomPriceGenie, your rooms are automatically priced right, every night. Read more about RoomPriceGenie
Cloud Store is an eCommerce software for ticketing businesses. This platform includes features such as a shopping cart, distribution services, and a pricing calculator. Read more about Cloud Store
Incompetitor is a plug and play pricing software that enables automatic benchmarking of competitor websites to deliver valuable insights in real-time. When combined with our Inoptimizer solution, it becomes a complete price optimization software that facilitates 360 degree price optimization. Read more about Price Optimization
Dynamic SaaS Pricing Tool, powered by AI, provides a hassle-free integration process, real-time customer support, and expert services to assist pricing teams. Read more about Sniffie
SpotLite is a price tracking solution designed to help retailers and brands of any industry, size and location track prices and promotions of online retailers Read more about Spotlite
Seller Republic helps eCommerce businesses optimize product prices across their Amazon and eBay accounts. It comes with customizable repricing rules, which allow managers to define minimum/maximum prices for individual, as well as bulk, products using cost percentage, current prices or CSV files. Read more about Seller Republic
Ganacos is a planning and simulation software for businesses which is designed to aid users to in making better business decisions by simplifying data & spreadsheet models. It offers tools for data analysis, planning, & simulation inspired by a combination of spreadsheet, BI & simulation tools. Read more about Ganacos
Blacksmith TPO is a trade optimization software that helps businesses in the food service and CPG retail industries build baseline models and automatically perform post event analysis (PEA) to improve promotional strategies. Managers can store data related to POS consumption, shipment, and more. Read more about Blacksmith TPO
Luminate Platform by Blue Yonder (formerly known as JDA Software) is a supply chain solution that uses AI and ML to provide supply chain visibility that helps optimize business decisions. It can help predict, prevent, and resolve business disruptions. Luminate Platform is suitable for retail grocers, automotive and industrial, high-tech and... Read more about Blue Yonder Supply Planning
Upshelf offers a cloud-based platform for CPG brands to uncover lost e-commerce sales. Using proprietary AI-powered algorithms, it helps brands eliminate blindspots and optimize their eCommerce strategies. With real-time daily insights into how products are performing on digital shelves, brands can make data-driven decisions. Intuititve dashboards... Read more about Upshelf
At SYMSON, we are big believers in bringing human expertise and machine learning together to make the pricing process smart and efficient. We integrate people's knowledge with the power of AI and ML into what we call Hyperlearning. Humans work with smart data, giving the algorithm feedback. Read more about SYMSON
Reprice is a cloud-based pricing optimization solution that helps eCommerce businesses manage market analysis, price adjustments, and competitor data. It helps retailers monitor competitors' prices and adjust their own prices in real time. Read more about Reprice
Skuuudle is a competitive intelligence solution for SMEs and enterprises which provides users with industry and competitor data and analysis in order to help manage pricing, products, and promotions. Users can analyze the pricing of their key SKUs against competitors and identify trends. Read more about Skuuudle
Your Company has hunderds to thousands of products in stock, each with different characteristics. And, it's your job to price them properly. Price a SKU too low, and you may not make a profit. Price it too high and you could miss your mark! You need to do it just right. Read more about Optimus Price
Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM Cloud is a cloud-based supply chain management solution that offers distribution, manufacturing, inventory management and fleet management within a suite. Read more about Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM
Quick Sales is an online order management software that automates processes such as quoting, invoicing, order fulfillment?, order tracking & payment collection Read more about Quick Sales
AI-Pricing Software for Retailers and Brands. We enable retailers and brands to achieve pricing excellence at scale. We do this by providing an end-to-end plug & play pricing as a service. For the full product lifecycle. Across all channels. Read more about Quicklizard
Prowl is a pricing optimization tool that helps eCommerce businesses monitor customers’ shopping behavior, seller activities, and implementation of minimum advertised price policies. It enables administrators to identify similar products using universal product codes and stock keeping units. Read more about Prowl
tgndata is a web-based price intelligence software designed to help businesses in the distribution, retail, and services industries generate price range reports and monitor competitor campaigns. Read more about tgndata
Climber RMS is a cloud-based revenue and pricing management solution for hotels. The platform offers features such as price forecasting, price recommendations, revenue optimization insights, real time notifications, a custom dashboard, business intelligence (BI), and more. Read more about Climber Hotel
Minderest is a web-based pricing optimization solution that allows retailers to scan marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, and Google Shopping to compare pricing itemization. The system comes with competitor pricing reports, data exportation, pricing algorithms, data storage, and ERP integrations. Read more about Minderest
Multiply automatically monitors your competitors, optimizes your prices, and maximizes your sales and margins across all your channels - on autopilot. Read more about Multiply
PGP by PREXUS is a pricing management software that helps businesses leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to determine and optimize the market prices of their products and services. Sales professionals can automatically receive pricing recommendations based on current market trends. Read more about PGP

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