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Jasper is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based writing assistant designed to help businesses create content for social media websites, blogs, websites, and other channels. Teams can create folders to organize information for clients and projects. Read more about Jasper
Powerful content, customer engagement, and product discovery offerings to achieve true personalization and drive unparalleled business growth. Read more about Bloomreach
MarketMuse is a cloud-based content planning and optimization tool that helps content creators and marketers to optimize their content using AI (artificial intelligence), trend data, SEO strategies, and predictions. The software helps users to research, plan, and create optimized content. Read more about MarketMuse
Adverity is an integrated data platform that enables companies to reduce complexity and make better decisions. Read more about Adverity is a Facebook & Instagram performance marketing tool used by brands to create and manage ad campaigns with tools such as AI optimization, A/B testing, workflows, and actionable insights. Generate video and still creatives to fit Facebook & Instagram ad formats, and test their performance. Read more about SMARTLY.IO
Acrolinx uses the power of AI to improve the quality and effectiveness of your enterprise content. Maximize your content's performance to create more valuable customer experience touchpoints. Read more about Acrolinx
Phrasee is an AI (artificial intelligence) powered marketing copy tool which uses a natural language generation system and deep learning algorithms to create human sounding and brand-compliant marketing copy automatically for emails, Facebook, Instagram, and push notifications. Read more about Phrasee

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