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Windows 10 is the newest version of the Windows operating systems that works with PC computers and Microsoft tablets. The system comes with updated features such as side by side application viewing, focus assist, power saving modes, microphone searching, and more. The focus assist feature allows students and professionals to eliminate distractions... Read more about Windows 10
Ubuntu is an open-source operating system that provides a a cloud workload migration service as well as GPU enablement, a kernel livepatch, network & storage performance optimization, and more. The system also comes with multi-cloud kubernetes and containers that are both public and model driven. Additionally, Ubuntu's Kubernetes will always... Read more about Ubuntu
Android 11 is the latest operating system that can be used by Samsung, Oppo, Nokia, Motorola, and OnePlus devices. The system comes with a framework that allows for apps to display simultaniously with messages, notes, web searching and more, which allows users to save time on multiple tasks. Read more about Android 11
MacOS Big Sur is an operating system by Apple that provides quicker downloads, file sharing, privacy reports, customizable start pages, a notifcation center, and more. The system can be used on any apple computer and consistently updates without affecting the user experience. Read more about MacOS Big Sur
Linux Mint is an operating system, which enables businesses to run a variety of free and open-source applications. It provides long-term support (LTS) releases, which lets users maintain a stable release of computer software for longer durations than the standard edition. Read more about Linux Mint
Windows 11 is the latest operating system for Windows users. With Windows 11, users can curate their content by addint widgets - add the news, weather, to-do lists and more with one swipe. Users can work with newly available multi-tasking tools inlcuding apps like Desktops, Snap Layouts, and other tools which provide for an intuitive redocking... Read more about Windows 11
iOS14 is an operating system for iOS devices that comes with Siri, easy connection with other apple products, lanauge translation, maps and routing, built-in safari, lighting timers, and more. The system's new messaging display allows users to pin messages and keep them at the top of the screen for convenient accessibility. Additionally, group... Read more about iOS14
CentOS Linux is an open-source operating system (OS) that helps individuals and businesses manage backups, data migration, storage, and more, whilst ensuring compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). It enables professionals to utilize dm-crypt to manage filesystem encryptions, handle multiple user passwords, and store met-data in... Read more about CentOS Linux
Debian is a Linux distribution system designed to help businesses run and manage various free and open-source applications. It allows IT professionals to manually install paid applications from various online repositories, which contain multiple software packages. Read more about Debian
Red Hat Enterprise Linux is an open-source operating system designed to help businesses across multiple industries deploy workloads, applications, and services on a secure foundation. It offers Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) and mandatory access controls (MAC), which enable enterprises to ensure compliance with various regulations. Read more about Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Oracle Linux is an open-source operating system designed to help businesses handle virtualization, development, and management of cloud-native applications. The platform enables users to streamline performance tracking and security management operations for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. Read more about Oracle Linux
Raspberry Pi OS is an operating system for Raspberry Pi hardware, which helps professionals access pre-compiled software bundles and packages to optimize performance. Based on Debian, the platform includes various applications such as cameras, media players, and more to improve productivity. Read more about Raspberry Pi OS
Fedora Workstation is an operating system that provides businesses using Linux devices with tools to build and test application codes across virtual environments. Supervisors can utilize built-in source languages and project hosting repositories to streamline test management processes. Read more about Fedora Workstation
Parrot OS is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian, designed to help developers and cybersecurity teams build software and perform security-related operations such as penetration testing, digital forensics, hacking, cryptography, or reverse engineering. Read more about Parrot OS
upBOARD is a cloud-based business process management platform that helps businesses design, approve and digitize enterprise workflows, projects, assessments and other processes. Administrators can utilize the application to upload brand-specific best practices in a centralized library or choose from available templates to generate workflows. Read more about Praxie
Kubuntu is an operating system for PC and Mac devices that integrates with day to day operations such as google calenders, RSS feeds, to-do lists, and mutliple email providers. The system's default web browser, Firefox allows users to surf the web and bookmark websites while other browsers are available for download. Read more about Kubuntu
Manjaro is an open-source operating system designed to help businesses run various Windows-based applications using compatibility software such as Wine, PlayonLinux, or Proton. It offers a configuration system, which enables users to configure, modify, or remove certain workflows, visual designs, and programs. Read more about Manjaro
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is an operating system designed to help businesses access various applications, collaboration tools, multimedia players, email clients, and web browsers to improve employees' productivity. It provides a virtual private network (VPN) and a suite of built-in security tools to protect organizations from virus and malware... Read more about SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop
Netrunner is a Linux operating system that makes use of the KDE Plasma desktop environment on Debian Stable. The LTS version of Netrunner automatically receives package and security updates. The system includes configured apps that are easy to use. Netrunner offers three versions: Core, Desktop, and ARM (for Pinebook or Odroid). Read more about Netrunner
Talos OS is an immutable and secure Kubernetes operating system. The trust of an IT infrastructure designed with security at the core. Read more about Talos OS
CloudReady is a Chromium OS-based operating system designed to help government agencies, non-profits, businesses and schools access secure cloud computing resources across multiple devices. Enterprises can deploy signage and kiosk applications, and prevent exposure to malware or accidental risks by isolating tabs. Read more about CloudReady
Juno OS is a Linux-based network operation system (OS) that helps businesses deliver internal physical and virtual networking and security solutions. It allows staff members to utilize the node slicing tool to combine several concurrent networks on a single chassis, optimizing overall network infrastructure. Read more about Junos OS
VxWorks is a real-time operating system (RTOS) that offers deterministic and priority-based solutions. Read more about VxWorks
Based on Ubuntu, Linux Lite is a Linux desktop operating system that is user-friendly for beginners. By making the switch from Windows to Linux as seamless as possible, the operating system hopes to appeal to both newcomers to Linux and Windows customers. Read more about Linux Lite

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