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Zoho Shifts is an employee scheduling and time management software designed for small and medium-sized businesses. A simple and intuitive interface allows you to create employee-friendly schedules in minutes. Draft work schedules, track team hours, and message employees from any device. Read more about Zoho Shifts
Zipwire is a time clock software that enables businesses to manage contract and freelance workers. With AI and WhatsApp, it's a breeze to track and approve time in plain English. Read more about Zipwire
Accurately track employee work hours, breaks, and overtime with our time tracking feature, ensuring compliance with labor regulations. Stay informed about employee productivity and improvements with real-time insights provided by our reporting and work status dashboard. Read more about Employee Time Clock Software
ArcTimesheet is a cloud-based time-tracking software designed to help businesses efficiently track the work hours of their employees. With a quick punch action on desktop or mobile, employees can easily record their hours, while team managers can export timesheet data and use it for invoicing clients accurately. ArcTimesheet also offers the... Read more about ArcTimesheet
TimeSmart.AI's proprietary algorithms learn from the clinician contracts that are uploaded into the solution. The system is designed to be contract compliance tool that alerts the appropriate people when the invoices and payments do not align with contractual obligations. Read more about TimeSmart.AI
PreciseTime is a time-tracking software that enables businesses to track, report and pay based on employee attendance. The solution allows administrators to configure role-based access controls for staff members and track time cards in real-time. Team leaders can generate and export reports to payroll systems using a centralized dashboard. Read more about PreciseTime
pryme Time is a project-oriented time-tracking software that helps businesses streamline time input and resource prediction functionalities while concentrating on billable tasks. Administrators can review and submit timesheets via email, project resources, and automatically create time entries importing Outlook appointments and work assignments. Read more about pryme Time
Lessor's secure and efficient payroll and HR system is designed to streamline payroll processes and prioritize data protection. Read more about Lessor

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