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Workstatus is an online time-tracking and workforce management application that makes it easy to track and manage your workforce from anywhere. Workstatus is available on both desktop and mobile apps. Read more about WorkStatus
TULIP serves as a secure self-service portal with HR data digitization. It allows businesses to manage attendance, approval processes, pay slips, and more. Read more about TULIP platform
cuteOffice ERP provides tools that streamline the entire office operations and improve productivity. Read more about cuteOffice
Beebole is a flexible and user-friendly time and attendance tool for businesses of all sizes and industries. It features a free mobile app, automated reminders, timesheet approvals, scheduling, time off tracking, and round the clock live support. Read more about Beebole Time Clock
a3HRgo is an online portal where employees can upload hours, access payroll information, and request tax withholding documents. The portal is accessible from the web or the a3HRgo app, which is available for Android and iOS devices. a3HRgo can integrate with a3Asesor to share payroll data. Read more about a3HRgo
a3gestión del tiempo is a Spanish-language solution for time and attendance management. It makes it possible to record staff schedules, plan shifts, and control overtime and absences. It is accessible from any mobile device and facilitates the coordination of teams. Read more about a3gestión del tiempo
Breik is Shift Planning Software, it does it in a simple and intuitive way. It incorporates legal regulations, it is flexible, it is integrated with assistance software, with demand systems to avoid over or under-staffing in each shift. Read more about Breik
Employee monitoring solution that allows companies to track employee working hours, performance, productivity and more. Read more about Monitoo
Square Shifts is an employee scheduling software with time tracking and shift management tools. It helps businesses simplify team scheduling with features such as schedule duplication, online time-off requests, shift swapping, and more. Employees can use the Square Team mobile app or Square POS registers to clock in/out of their shifts, which will... Read more about Square Shifts
DSE IDAL software controls the working day of employees in order to manage performance and comply with current regulations. Registration is done via biometric data and is accessible by computer or mobile device using a username and password. Read more about DSE IDAL
CloudBiometry App allows employees to clock in or out throughout the day, change jobs, and check worked hours. It includes an optional 'selfie' feature requiring a picture for added security. CloudBiometry app sends GPS coordinates with each punch. Users can pull up punch details to see the map showing their clock in or out location. Teams can... Read more about CloudBiometry
NFeMail is a Portuguese-language system that automates the issuing of electronic invoices. It performs automatic calculations based on the predefined percentages and standards adopted by the company and immediately forwards those documents to both the client and the accountant. Read more about PontoWeb
Pontomais is a solution for the management of working hours, recording the employees' time in different ways, including offline, by facial recognition and QR Code. It makes it possible to create shifts and schedules, and track delays and absences. Available in Portuguese for the Brazilian market. Read more about Pontomais
Tangerino is a solution for digital time control that uses facial recognition and geolocation mechanisms to ensure the integrity of records made by employees, as well as safely storing the data in the cloud where it is protected by encryption. Available in Portuguese for the Brazilian market. Read more about Tangerino
PontoTel is an intelligent system for electronic time management, available only in the Portuguese language. It makes it possible to track working hours and delays in real time, send reminders about time registration, organize schedules, analyze reasons and certificates for absence, and more. Read more about PontoTel
Genyo is electronic time and attendance software that allows online or offline captures from computers, mobile phones, and tablets. Available as an app for Android and iOS, the system sends reminders for employees to clock in at the correct time. Available in Portuguese for the Brazilian market. Read more about Genyo is an intelligent digital clocking system that allows employees to clock in, both online and offline, via cell phones and tablets, while HR professionals have the chance to control clock-ins and clock-outs, as well as manage information in real time. Available in Portuguese. Read more about
Nexti is an integrated operational management system for the HR sector, which monitors electronic timecards with an intelligent biometric terminal and also monitors the movement of employees in real-time. Available in Portuguese for a Brazilian market. Read more about Nexti
Telephone Time Punch is a time clock software that helps businesses manage employee clock-in and out. It offers features such as payroll integration, on-screen paystub and labor costing, unattended operation, powerful reporting, and more. Read more about Telephone Time Punch

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