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Tenant Ledger is a cloud-based accounting and lease management system designed to assist property managers through features including an owner portal, payment processing, file attachments, knowledge base, work order tracking, financial reporting, check printing, delinquency tracking, and more Read more about Tenant Ledger
iEstate helps property developers, lease management firms, and other real estate organizations handle sales, contracts, contractors and subcontractors, facilities, and more. It lets users gain 360-degree visibility into properties and client preferences using geocoding and interactive Google Maps. Read more about iEstate
Owli is a digital solution, designed for use by real estate agents based in Brazil to communicate with owners and tenants. The platform can be used to digitize processes, centralize communications, and streamline workflows through integration with inGaia and Superlógica partner management systems. Read more about Owli
KARTHAGO is a software for professional housing and real estate management. The focus is on rents, bookkeeping, reminders, billing for ancillary costs, housing fees, and accounting analyses. There are also other facility management functions. Read more about KARTHAGO
QuintoAndar is a digital platform for residential property rentals, sales, and purchases. Users can apply advanced filters to search for options based on prices, locations, number of rooms, size, and more. Read more about QuintoAndar
Gestão e Performance de Ativos Digitais is a system that ensures control over real estate properties, making it possible to organize real estate documents and centralize them on a single platform to improve the flow of property information. Read more about Gestão e Performance de Ativos Digitais
Embrace is a rental property management software designed to help businesses in healthcare, government, housing, and other sectors link digital services with a social intranet. The solution offers self-service portals, allowing customers to upload contact information, track service requests, and view the knowledge base. Read more about Embrace
The Most Comprehensive Property Management System for Accounting, Billing, Helpdesk, Communication, Security and more. Read more about MyanGate
RentSafe is a powerful, intuitive, & user-friendly tenant screening software for property managers managing high volumes of tenants. Our software is 100% FREE for property managers & includes all of the featured you'll need to screen quality tenants in minutes. Read more about RentSafe
OWNER is a real estate property management solution designed to help dutch real estate agencies manage rental contracts, property listings, and portfolios. The maintenance ticketing tool allows property managers to forward issues to third-party service companies and track their progress. The platform includes an automated billing feature that... Read more about OWNER
RentTango is a web-based residential leasing software designed to help businesses in the real estate industry streamline leasing operations. It lets multi-family property managers publish listings to popular listing sites, manage leads using pre-designed templates and automated responses, and screen prospects through background checks to validate... Read more about RentTango
ManagedPMO is a fully customizable solution for property management teams and tenants. Read more about ManagedPMO
ActiveBuilding is a web-based resident hub designed to help property managers increase online payment adoption, monetize community amenities, events and rentable items, and drive more renewals. The self-service portal offers a points-based loyalty rewards program, which allows communities to monitor and earn points, increasing prospect appeal,... Read more about ActiveBuilding
JumboTiger property management and co-living software bring features from multiple apps into one fold. It helps you onboard, manage tenants & owners, collaborate between properties, and is the most configurable PMS solution that seamlessly tracks everything for you. Read more about JumboTIger
Moderan software is a toolbox containing 3 core components: properties & spaces management, flexible lease rent-roll, and automating complex utilities calculations. Moderan integrates with many other systems - accounting, remote metering, business intelligence etc. Read more about Moderan
OurPetPolicy is an online pet management and ESA verification platform for property owners and managers to oversee tenants' pets residing on their properties. Read more about OurPetPolicy
SimpleRent is a cloud-based property management solution that is designed optimises lease and rental payments management. SimpleRent reduces administrative time and costs, whilst driving business growth and better customer satisfaction. Read more about
Go with the gold standard, Dynamics. The Domain 6 Facility Management Accelerator can have you rapidly up-and-running with a cloud-based, custom-fit platform that helps optimize operations, reduce costs, and improve both the employee and customer experience. No one does D365 better than Domain 6. Read more about Facility Management Accelerator
Knowcross gives your hotel staff access to better guest data so you can better anticipate, respond and surpass expectations. Tools tailored to YOUR property. Read more about Knowcross
Uniloc is a system for the management of real estate rentals that realtors and brokers can use to keep an organized schedule of appointments, centralize contracts, and digitalize transfer to owners through personalized statements and the issuance of receipts. Read more about UNILOC
SoulRooms is a cloud-based property management software designed to help landlords and tenants manage listings, discover new properties, and streamline communication on a centralized platform. Supervisors can automatically estimate the rent of vacant rooms based on the quality of the house, location, area, and provided amenities. Read more about SoulRooms
Rezedent is an affordable and easy-to-use property management platform for DIY landlords, owner-operators of multi-family and single rentals. Read more about Rezedent
BeHome247 helps property managers and owners improve revenue, mitigate asset risk, and deliver resident satisfaction. It is a SaaS-based unified property management solution that combines the control of smart home devices, operating workflows, and guest or resident communications from within a unified platform. Read more about BeHome247
LivoSecure’s real-time offering system aligns your company’s rental process with the behaviors and expectations of today's renters. Read more about LivoSecure
Pigello is a cloud-based property management solution that helps real estate businesses handle lease agreements, payments, reporting, and more. Read more about Pigello
Netfincas Vertical is software for the administration and control of leased properties. The software has a desktop version and a cloud version. The system enables the monitoring of tenants' accounts and makes it possible to send pending receipts and bills using its web module. Read more about Netfincas Vertical
TerranetPlus is a cloud-based management platform that integrates all processes for property management. The software provides automated management of rent, collection, delinquency, and connection with the Autobanking system. It also integrates a call center for incident reporting. Read more about TerranetPlus
India’s first automated revenue management all in one platform which collects, analyzes, optimizes & executes the real time market data for hotels using AI & ML platform in real time. Read more about SYSOTEL
Rental Property Tracker Plus is rental property management software for residential landlords and managers using Windows or Mac. It is used to track all rental units, tenants, rental income & expenses. The software provides a rent roll report that shows tenants with unpaid balances or balances due. Read more about Rental Property Tracker Plus
Budgetrac is a cloud-based Property Management Software that provides a complete accounting solution. Read more about Budgetrac Property Management
iDWELL is a real estate CRM software that helps businesses track and manage tenants, leases, and properties. The platform allows administrators to manage property listings, create tenant portals, and schedule inspections. Read more about iDWELL
COHO is a property management software platform bringing all aspects of managing shared living properties into one single workflow. If you are running a rent-to-rent, HMO, Co-living, or any shared living property management company COHO is the single software that can help you manage every aspect. Read more about COHO
LeaseLeads is a suite of PropTech products that helps you understand your customers and convert more leads into signed leases. Read more about LeaseLeads
MyDigiFlat is a digital portal that helps businesses digitalize customer relationships in social housing. The platform is available in web and/or app format, and offers content management system functionalities Read more about MyDigiFlat
AVUX is a software aimed at property maintenance and cleaning experts. We have over 20 years of market experience in this field of business. AVUX® is the most advanced and dedicated property maintenance work management system on the market. Read more about AVUX
PropertyCtrl offers a cloud-based property management software for rental property owners, investors and property managers. Read more about PropertyCtrl
REDA Acumatica Property Management is a specialized software solution for real estate property management. The REDA solution allows developers and property managers to handle all aspects of real estate development, from pre-development costs to final funding, project construction, and property management. Read more about REDA Acumatica Property Management

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