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Remote Landlord is a property management solution which combines an accounting system & lease management in order to create an all-in-one system for landlords, property managers & tenants. The modular-based app offers tools for managing legal, maintenance, finances, general ledger, prospects & more. Read more about RemoteLandlord
The Closing Docs income verification tool provides a quick and simple way for property managers and lenders to make applicant approval decisions. It provides key financial information about applicants, including employment history and verifiable income. Read more about The Closing Docs
Flowingly helps organizations deliver exceptional employee and customer experiences. Transform old, manual ways of working into modern digital experiences. From SMBs to the Fortune 100, Flowingly is the workflow platform teams love to use. Read more about Flowingly
$500 signup bonus for a limited time! Achieve passive income with one simple property management app. Let an expert manage your rentals, or do it yourself with expert help. NestEgg is the only property management app with local on the ground support. Read more about NestEgg
Beaver is an all-in-one rent collection, vendor payment, and bookkeeping software for landlords and property managers with 1-100 properties. Replacing Excel or Quickbooks, Beaver consolidates all property financial data within one central platform. Read more about Beaver
Rentmoji is a cloud-based property management solution for main street investors and real estate firms to manage listing, screening, and payment processing Read more about Rentmoji
MRI Property Tree is a cloud-based property management software that helps small to large businesses in Australia manage operations related to tenant communications, trust accounting, business performance tracking, and more on a centralized platform. Read more about MRI Property Tree
Alphaletz is modern and powerful Property Management Software to help landlords save significant amounts of time and money. Available on any device from mobile to desktop, Alphaletz will simplify your rental property businesses without the need to spend hours on administrative work. Read more about Alphaletz
eRentPayment is a property management solution designed to help businesses streamline tenant screening, maintenance management, and payment processing operations via a unified platform. The application allows organizations to collect rent from tenants through one-time or recurring payment options. Read more about eRentPayment
ExactEstate is a one-stop-shop, offering modern property management software in a single platform. Our mission is to improve your day-to-day operations by cutting costs, providing custom solutions, and delivering unlimited customer support based 100% in the U.S. Read more about ExactEstate
TRACK is a cloud-based hospitality & vacation rental solution that offers integrated property management features, along with call tracking functionality for revenue optimization. The suite of tools is designed for individual property owners, mid-sized property chains, & large enterprise portfolios. Read more about Track Vacation Rental PMS
iManageRent is a cloud-based property management software for property professionals, tenants, landlords & property managers with single or multiple properties Read more about iManageRent
CICTotal Manager offers rental property management for commercial & multifamily properties, with task automation & integrated tenant screening & collections Read more about CIC Total Manager
QuickFMS is a cloud-based facility management solution, which helps small to large businesses manage workplace infrastructure and physical assets. Key features include rent calculation, layout planning, workflow automation, email/SMS reminders, and reporting. Read more about QuickFMS
Condor allows businesses to manage their real estate information using Integrated workflows, and work together with colleagues, suppliers, and clients on a unified platform. Read more about Condor
FewoManager is a cloud-based holiday rental management solution for the German market, designed to help businesses in the hospitality industry manage holiday homes & apartments. Key features include online booking, data import/export, automated emails, occupancy management, and predefined templates. Read more about FewoManager
LetUs is a cloud platform that empowers consumers to take control of their finances through a simple, integrated, and secure solution. LetUs provides instant visibility into personal money management, budgeting and spending with the ability to analyze multiple accounts and categorize transactions quickly. Read more about LetUs
Rentalfy is a cloud-based property management system, which assists landlords with lease management and payment collection. Key features include status tracking, application processing, tenant screening, financial reporting, and maintenance request tracking. Read more about Rentalfy
ManageCasa is a property management software designed to help property managers, homeowner associations (COA/HOA's) and landlords handle leases, payments, maintenance requests, work orders, rent, deposits, bookkeeping processes, communication, file management and more on a centralized platform. Read more about ManageCasa
Rentberry is a cloud-based property management software designed to help real-estate businesses streamline the entire rental process, from application management to agreement signing. Landlords can publish vacant properties on the application and evaluate prospects’ personal information, such as identity confirmation, employment history, proof of... Read more about Rentberry
InSite is a premier building intelligence solution, delivering actionable intelligence for optimization of real estate operations and facilitating achievement of ESG and sustainability goals. Read more about InSite
Rentroom is a property management platform that can automate and optimize rent collection, maintenance, accounting, communication, leasing, and other processes. Read more about Rentroom
Cloud-based software that helps owners and managers of multi-family buildings manage their properties more effectively. Read more about Infor Property Management
RoomAgree is a letting contract management software which enables estate agents to manage letting contracts, leases & room licenses in the cloud Read more about RoomAgree
The Properties Module brings all property information into a single place, so there is one version of the truth that’s easy to access. ?The Property Record shows all data, information, projects, activity and documents associated with the property, so you have full knowledge and control. Read more about iSite
Colibri helps you manage bookings, guests, payments and tasks. Increase occupancy rate by connecting your hotel to major internet booking engines and GDS. Convert your website visitors into guests by embeding an online booking module. Read more about Colibri PMS
Skyware is a hospitality property management system for hotel managers to manage front desk operations, guest info, room reservations, reporting & payments Read more about Skyware
Marinago is a cloud-based solution which assists marina organizations with property & reservation management. Key features include multi-tiered rating, a visual map designer, metered utility tracking & vessel management, allowing staff members to manage seasonal, recurring & transient guests. Read more about MARINAGO
Save time by organizing and automating property management tasks. Rental leases automatically add payment reminders, late notices, late fees and notices, return fees and notices, payment receipts, and more. Property managers have a real-time dashboard and receive daily summary status emails. Read more about Schedule My Rent
HappyTenant is a property management system with a web portal and 4 mobile applications for each stakeholder, enabling a seamless digital rental journey. Read more about HappyTenant
Execu/Suite is an integrated property management suite targeted at hotels, B&Bs, spas and resorts and can either be installed on premises or hosted in the cloud Read more about Execu/Suite
Spherexx Optimize Revenue Management is a sophisticated, scientific, algorithmic software that optimizes the rental and renewal rates for an apartment community based on current performance, predictive analysis, marketing conditions and disruptions Read more about Spherexx Optimize
Funnel is a real estate CRM and marketing software that helps businesses streamline apartment marketing and leasing processes via a unified portal. It enables professionals to manage and post listings on various internet listing service (ILS) platforms and automatically update listings across multiple sites. Read more about Funnel
PayProp’s end to end rental payment platform frees property managers up with real time to concentrate on their important daily responsibilities and tasks. Read more about PayProp
Trekadoo is an online vacation property rental tool that helps owners of up to eight properties to keep track of their vacation rental bookings Read more about Trekadoo
RPM PRO is an all-in-one rental property management solution for managing long term and vacation rentals within the same solution, but with different features Read more about RPM Pro
RoomMate is a property management solution that helps manage multiple shared spaces with friends, family, university classmates, or whoever you prefer! Read more about RoomMate
Tenantcube is disrupting the renting experience for landlords, managers and tenants by uniting all facets of property rental into one streamlined digital rental experience platform. List, promote, and onboard tenants from anywhere. Read more about Tenantcube
VERO is a cloud-based real estate property management platform designed to help renters and operators automate leasing workflows, screening processes, rent applications, and more. Supervisors can mitigate eviction risks, improve net asset value (NAV), and streamline client retention processes. Read more about VERO
Reflex ERP is a cloud-based ERP platform designed for businesses across various industry verticals such as construction, property management, land development and more. Read more about Reflex ERP
Icnea is an all-in-one software designed to help vacation rentals with all the tools including property management system, channel manager, website, and booking engine for streamlining branding and direct reservations. Read more about Icnea
TRS Property Management Software is a property management software that helps small businesses streamline processes related to online rentals, maintenance handling, lease tracking, tenant management, rental applications, and more on a centralized platform. Read more about TRS Property Management Software
Neighbium is a security and community management platform. Neighbium is serves different types of properties and housing societies globally. Read more about Neighbium
iSite covers property, assets, facilities, projects, and programs management and combines data to deliver real-time insights. Key features include CRM, billing & invoicing, data capture & management, referral & activity tracking, client & task management, tenant portal & tracking, file sharing, and more. Read more about iSite Lite
Renta App is a mobile-based property management application for landlords. Read more about Renta App is a complete vacation rental booking system for professional property managers and agents. This online booking engine allows you to publish your accommodation on any website. Read more about
Nodal PMS is a web-based property management system (PMS) designed for small and multi-location hotels, bed & breakfasts, and vacation rentals. Nodal PMS uses technology to solve a range of property management problems including reservation & guest control, financial health of business, operations (such as inventory & materials management),... Read more about Nodal PMS
Green Doors is built to make life as a property manager easier and contribute to the growth of the company. The focus is to help modernize internal operations while providing excellent and thoughtful technology for tenants and owners. With Green Doors, teams create a deeper connection with customers by completely personalizing the experience. The... Read more about Green Doors
Cloud-based property management platform that helps small to large real estate agents manage tenant renewal agreements, maintenance activities, portfolio performance, and more. Key features include alerts/notifications, third-party integration, document management, and rent collection. Read more about Lofti
Zavanti software includes solutions for financial management, project management, estimating and job cost control, document management and team collaboration Read more about Zavanti ERP

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