Meeting Room Booking Systems enable professionals to reserve conference venues, meeting rooms, desks, and other spaces, while also securing the amenities and follow-up services needed, such as projectors, sanitizers, catering, and cleaning. A meeting room reservation system can be used by commercial property managers, office managers, and property administrators to provide professionals within or outside of their organizations the ability to arrange to meet. With these tools, workers in virtually any sector can invite colleagues through bulk invite distribution, provide event details and remote access tutorials, set user permissions, and sync their email and calendar tools so that their meetings can be planned in real-time. Online meeting room management software help streamline the booking process, prevent double-booking, facilitate rescheduling, release rooms to the availability pool as soon as meetings are cancelled or terminated, and enable an effective co-working and meeting experience for employees. Such tools could help bring down the costs associated with understating and overstaying. They also give facility managers actionable insights into room occupancy rates, seating capacity, and levels of utilization that can inform space allocation decisions like opting for hot-desking or hoteling. Conference room scheduling software can also track employee movements, highlight excess capacity, provide analytics, and convey important information like health and safety prerequisites to all attendees. Desk booking software may feature notifications and alerts for outstanding RSVPs and users who overstay. They also come with multi-location support, calendar management, and room booking tools. Such tools are related to Scheduling Software since they often feature a calendar layout for timeslot selection. But as they usually come with interactive mapping and wayfinding options for room and desk booking and check-in, they also share capabilities with Space and Facility Management Software. Find the best meeting room booking system for your business in Canada.

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Skedda is the world’s leading online booking and scheduling platform for managing office space. Infinitely customizable, the platform allows organizations to automate complex and time-consuming tasks. Manage meeting rooms, desks, hot desking and presentation areas with custom interactive floorplans. Read more about Skedda
Nspace's desk booking, room booking, and visitor management software improves operations and enhances the overall employee and guest experience. Read more about Nspace
Find and book the ideal room based on amenities, location, and more with a meeting room booking system. It’s a search engine for your office, complete with insights to uncover conference room usage and optimize space. Available on web, mobile, plugins, and tablets. Read more about Robin
AeriCast is a wireless presentation solution that allows any laptop or tablet to quickly connect and deliver a fully interactive experience to an unlimited number of remote screens. Read more about AeriCast
Clearooms is a cloud based software that puts users in control of both hot desking and room booking all within one system. Users can instantly see availability across floor plans and get further information on desk facilities, meeting details, attendee's and more. Read more about Clearooms
A hybrid workplace software suite consisting of a desk and meeting room booking system, as well as work planning, digital signage, and visitor management solutions. Efficient, easy to use, fitted to all business sizes and needs. From simple room reservation to hybrid work - just plug and play. Read more about YAROOMS
UMA Provides Meeting Room, Desk Booking, Locker Booking, Space Management & Hardware Monitoring all from our UMA Vision SaaS Platform. We integrate with meeting room hardware & leverage data from these devices. Our latest additions Integrations are with Cisco and Jabra Cameras bring people count. Read more about UMA Vision
MRI Workplace Central goes far beyond desk bookings and room reservations. It offers strategic insight into your data so businesses can expertly manage the right space at the right time – empowering employees to collaborate, be more productive and drive business results. Read more about MRI Workplace Central
Smartway2 helps you transform workspace utilization, improve collaboration & boost productivity. Quick & easy meeting room booking, desk booking & more from any device, even Outlook! Smartway2 also supports visitor management, digital signage & kiosks. Includes workplace analytics. Read more about Smartway2
Tribeloo is the easy-to-use desk booking solution to collaborate in the hybrid workplace. Change management is hard. Therefore, Tribeloo makes it easy to bring employees back together and optimize your hybrid workplace.​ Read more about Tribeloo
Gaia Workspace is a comprehensive space management solution that offers room and desk booking, facility management, visitor management, and analytics capabilities. Gaia Workspace is designed to enhance your workspace efficiency and elevate your hybrid working approach with its reliability feature. Read more about Gaia Workspace
Tripleseat: The Premier Hospitality Management Platform Tripleseat is an easy-to-use sales and event management platform that will increase your bookings and streamline the planning process. Read more about Tripleseat
Event Temple is a venue management software platform designed to help venues of all types increase bookings, sales & revenue without any additional advertising Read more about Event Temple
FlexO is a hybrid workspace booking and managed system that helps businesses manage huddle spaces, desks, parking areas, shared facilities, whiteboards, etc.. The multilingual platform let stakholders manage assets, amenities, sites, etc. using a centralized dashboard with advanced policies. Read more about FlexEZ
Instantly search and book workspaces with the ResourceXpress Mobile App for iOS and Android devices. Read more about ResourceXpress
Tactic is a hybrid management platform that empowers employees to choose when they want to work in-office with desk, meeting room, and parking spot reservations. Read more about Tactic
Flowscape is a facility and space management software designed to help businesses optimize workspaces, manage meeting room bookings, and gain insights into office space utilization. It enables managers to add check-ins or cancel meetings using RFID scanning capability, visualize room availability, and detect faulty equipment via a unified portal. Read more about Flowscape
Interactive Wayfinding allows users to create interactive maps with augmented reality functions, which utilize target location models and stored maps. It displays the layout of an area and offers directions in real-time via mobile device video players. Users can also view schedules or opening times. Read more about Publisher Pro
Book22 is a room booking software by 22MILES, which is designed to help businesses reserve and manage offices, meeting rooms, and spaces via a unified portal, Kiosks, and mobile devices. The platform offers white-labeling capabilities, which allow organizations to personalize the interface with custom logos, fonts, background images, and colors to... Read more about Book22
Envoy Rooms provides an easy solution to book meeting rooms, free up unused space, and gain insight. Read more about Envoy
A Meeting Room Booking System for companies to effectively utilize their meeting rooms and convert their offices into hybrid workplaces Read more about WorkInSync
Othership is a flexible working platform that gives the freedom to work how and where users want, whether remote, hybrid or in the office. Read more about Othership
FM:Systems provides workplace management technology that enables organizations to identify, plan & deliver the ideal workplace for every employee. Our Integrated Workplace Management System improves management of space, occupancy, renovations, moves, maintenance, assets, smart buildings & more. Read more about FMS:Workplace
Office Tracker is a meeting room booking software designed to help businesses schedule time for meetings, people and resources, facilities, and more. The platform enables managers to control how, when, and where the team members work. Read more about Office Tracker
Eden provides the all-in-one platform for HR, Workplace, and People Operations professionals to make workflows easier across their organization. Read more about Eden Workplace
CalendarWiz is an online calendar software which enables users to manage activities, room bookings, events, invites and reminders, schedules, and more all from a single platform. CalendarWiz is suitable for any business, as well as churches, schools, non-profit organizations, and groups. Read more about CalendarWiz
With Space Panels, you can turn any iPad into a room scheduling panel to create new reservations, extend a meeting, end a reservation early, submit service requests, and more. Read more about iOFFICE
Discover Ronspot's Meeting Room Booking, a user-friendly solution designed to maximise the use of meeting rooms and sync meetings with calendars. Can be used in combination with Ronspot Desk Booking and Parking Management. Read more about Ronspot
Teem is a cloud-based meeting room booking solution with at-a-glance availability, real-time scheduling, trouble ticketing, utilization reporting, and more Read more about Teem
Joan is the simplest Meeting Room Booking System in the market. Booking is possible through Office 365, G Suite, Microsoft Outlook and iCalendar on your desktop or through our Joan Mobile App. Another way of booking is using the Timetable function on the Joan device. Read more about Joan
B-Line is a flexible workplace management and security platform that helps asset managers and employers manage their hybrid workplace with digital access, flex management, and ongoing capacity monitoring and space utilization analytics. Read more about B-Line
Ungerboeck is end-to-end Event and Venue Management software solution with CRM, booking, registration, mobile, website, reporting and financials tools. Read more about Ungerboeck Software
Meeting room & desk booking. The software supports flex workspace management, hybrid work, office hoteling, flexible seating and an optimal meeting experience. Sensor data integration. Real-time floorplans. Mobile apps, kiosk, room display, Web, Outlook Add-in, NFC. Read more about Spacewell
Vyte is the all-in-one scheduling tool that will be the perfect online assistant to manage and book all of your meetings in no time. Packed with powerful scheduling features, you'll be able to plan your appointments 10x faster. Read more about Vyte
Easy scheduling for meeting rooms. Set user access rules & allow users to book from the web, mobile device, booking kiosks, or live maps/floorplans. Enforce check-in/out procedures, auto-cancel late or no-show reservations, manage guest reservations & integrate with your Outlook or Google calendars. Read more about QReserve
OfficeSpace Software is a cloud-based facility management solution designed to help users create and allocate workspaces for critical administrative tasks using a range of features, including desk booking, resource tracking, plus move, space and request management, and more Read more about OfficeSpace
OfficeRnD Flex helps shared space operators, property managers, and landlords improve operational efficiency and deliver a tech-enabled and modern experience to customers. Read more about OfficeRnD Flex
Schedule meetings and events, maximizing the utilization of rooms and other resources, across any distance Read more about EMS
Appointment scheduling software that helps businesses manage bookings, payments and other administrative operations on a centralized platform. Read more about Jezzam
The hybrid working platform that coordinates your people, projects, and spaces. Read more about Kadence
Maptician is a cloud-based space management application that provides a hybrid workplace management platform, which allows organizations to track employees' day-to-day location in real-time, compare expected and actual space utilization, and allocate space based on seating and room use by employees. Read more about Maptician
iVvy Venue Management is a vendor management software used by hotels, restaurants and other hospitality organizations to manage bookings for spaces & venues Read more about iVvy Venue Management
Priava offers a real time meeting room booking system, enabling you to view availability and book a meeting room and resources instantly. Priava is easy to use and offers tools such as multi-room availability, reporting, CRM, catering, business intelligence, equipment and resource requirements. Read more about Priava
Roomzilla is a meeting room reservation system which integrates with calendar systems like Google, Outlook, Office 365 & Exchange to help users schedule & manage their office space, including conference rooms & office equipment. Roomzilla supports API integration, reports, an approval queue, & more. Read more about Roomzilla
Zynq Workspace is an office management solution for flexible work environments. Features of the software include management of people and space through desk booking , health and wellnesst tools in a suite (go through simple quick health checks, define distancing rules, use contact tracing), real-time access of information regarding floor plans.... Read more about Zynq Workspace
Appspace is a workplace platform designed to help businesses keep employees engaged and connected. Created for the modern workplace, the platform provides features such as digital signage, space reservation, visitor management, and more. Read more about Appspace
Rendezvous Workspace Meeting Room Booking is a cloud-based meeting room management and booking solution. Read more about Rendezvous Workspace Meeting Room Booking
FAMA offers technological solutions for the Integral Management of Assets and Infrastructures, Facility Management and Services. Read more about FAMA
POC System is a cloud-based facility management solution which helps medium to large businesses manage commercial real estate & seating allocation. The platform provides a real-time view of space inventory & work areas, enabling managers to design seating plans and optimize utilization. Read more about POC System

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