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Professional animal welfare & wildlife management software
The Animal Welfare App is a record keeping and welfare assessment solution for businesses and organizations within the zoological and wildlife sciences community. The web-based application offers tools for communication, record keeping, health, environmental, dive logs, census management & more. Read more about OERCA
Software for volunteer recruiting, tracking and coordination
Manage volunteer data for your zoo with Volgistics! Collect information through online application forms, schedule volunteers or let them pick their own shifts, report their hours and see their impact on zoo programs and guests, and easily send bulk email and text message reminders. Read more about Volgistics
Ticketing software for zoos, museums and other attractions
Galaxy is a ticketing software designed to help theme parks, zoos, aquariums, museums, ferries, or other tours and attractions handle point-of-sale processes, sales, memberships, and more on a unified platform. Organizations can manage, reserve, and invoice advance or group sales orders, create and apply discounts, provide upsell opportunities and... Read more about Galaxy
Web-based animal management & reporting software for keepers
Active Zoo is a cloud-based zoo and animal management software that assists keepers, managers and staff with the issuing of work orders, scheduling of tasks, the running of reports on events, plus the maintenance of detailed records of day-to-day animal health and breeding programs with photo upload Read more about Active Zoo
Collection management for zoos & aquariums
Tracks is a collection management software for zoos & aquariums which enables staff to track & manage animal records using animal enrichment, health & husbandry management tools, plus diet planning, inventory management, and more. Tracks offers a mobile-friendly version for on-location management. Read more about Tracks Software
Web-based software for animal breeders, associations & zoos
ZooEasy Online is a cloud-based pedigree software designed for clubs and breeders to manage animal and breeding records, track pedigrees and relationships, analyze animal health, register contacts and contests, record animal sales or purchases, track revenue and expenses, generate reports, and more Read more about ZooEasy