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Certn is a tech-enabled background check service that delivers a plethora of background checks in a matter of minutes. Certn provides domestic and international criminal background checks, credit reports, reference checks, education verification, driving record checks, and identity verification. Read more about Certn
A leader in Employment Background Checks with over 10+ years of experience and dozens of integrations for all levels of background checks. Read more about Emerge
VITAY is the Reference Checking and Talent Feedback platform for staffing and recruitment firms, employers. VITAY can send multiple reference requests to candidates and referees can provide feedback for review directly through the VITAY platform. Read more about Vitay
Ondato is a cloud-based compliance management solution for financial institutions, which provides tools for identity verification, customer onboarding, data validation, authentication & more. The suite of tools includes photo and video identity verification, facial biometric authentication & more. Read more about Ondato
Paycom empowers businesses with access to workforce data. Our system gives employees access to view and interact with their information, reducing the administrative burden on HR. Since all applications have a single database, changes made by employees/employers are populated throughout the system. Read more about Paycom
Background screening solution: Checkr uses AI-powered technology to help run background checks so companies—big or small—can make safer, more informed hiring decisions in less time. Read more about Checkr
Employment Hero’s cloud-based HRIS empowers Australian businesses to manage HR, payroll, performance, learning, recognition and benefits within one, integrated platform. We help business owners and people managers be more efficient, cost-effective and compliant by taking the hassle out of admin Read more about Employment Hero
Zinc is an award-winning, all-in-one global background-checking tool offering 12 checks in 190 countries. Read more about Zinc
GoodHire is an employment screening and background check solution that is used to run a number of background check types on new hires. The app can be used to request missing candidate info or consent, to ensure your company is legitimately following all the correct procedures Read more about GoodHire
Since 2009, Xref has been on a mission to bring positive change to the recruitment process. is a best-in-class, global solution that makes reference, background and ID checking fast, simple and secure. Read more about Xref
CScan is a fingerprint transaction monitoring and capture solution that can be used both in the private sector and by state, federal, and international governments. It allows users to proactively monitor fingerprint transactions, ensuring they are successfully transmitted or printed onto an ink fingerprint card. Read more about CScan
Check user's presence on 35+ digital services based on their email address or phone number. Use consumer's digital footprints to determine if they are who they say they are, flagging high risk users & thwarting fraudsters in their tracks. Read more about SEON. Fraud Fighters
TurboTenant is a comprehensive property management and tenant screening platform that enables landlords to centralize every step of the leasing lifecycle, from advertising and online vacancy listing to tenant screening and renter management in one platform. Read more about TurboTenant
Good Egg is a cloud-based background screening solution designed to help small to large businesses manage the entire verification process for hiring applicants. The platform enables HR managers to perform various checks such as pre/post-employment, drug and health, social media, and more. Read more about Good Egg
Veritable Screening is a cloud-based screening tool which utilizes the latest technologies to conduct pre-employment background screening Read more about Veritable Screening
Clairiti is a web-based background screening solution designed to assist organizations with candidate assessment and data verification checks. Key features include activity monitoring, compliance management, automated reminders, and customizable reporting. Read more about Clairiti
Instant Checkmate is a web-based search solution for public records, which provides users with the ability to perform background checks and confirm information. Read more about Instant Checkmate
Sterling is a technology-enabled service that helps businesses conduct employee background checks and identity verification. Recruiters can conduct criminal background checks and civil court record searches to gain insight into breach of contracts, civil judgments, and restraining orders. Read more about Sterling
HiPeople automates reference checks during hiring processes to prevent the recruitment of unqualified candidates. The software utilizes a scientific AI approach to provide reliable, objective insights. It aims to encourage equality and improve workplace diversity through inclusion initiatives. Read more about HiPeople
Checkmate is an automated online reference checking software that collects and verifies employee reference information. Features include automated alerts for reference requests, identity checking using LinkedIn, custom branding of the Checkmate platform and fraudulent reference prevention. Read more about Checkmate
CoreScreening is a background check platform designed to help businesses, educational institutions and non-profit organizations manage drug screening and verification processes using email requests, custom landing pages, eSignatures, and more. Read more about CoreScreening
Referoo is a reference tracking software that helps businesses establish contact with referees and create evaluation surveys to capture candidate information. It allows users to build referee profiles with details, such as job title, email, and relationship with the candidate. Read more about Referoo
EZ Screen is a background check software designed to help businesses conduct pre-employment screenings to identify potential employees with criminal backgrounds. The platform enables managers to search for defaulters across the criminal database, federal civil records, sex offender registry, and more. Read more about EZ Screen
SwiftCheck is a cloud-based background screening & employment checking solution for conducting pre-employment background checks on candidates to vet potential employees before hiring. It enables employers to trace candidate social security numbers (SSNs) and generate screening reports. Read more about SwiftCheck
The CompuFACT software is a custom designed and developed HRIS, ATS, and payroll system that integrates with current systems. Background checks and drug screens can be ordered through the standalone software or as an integrated piece of current HRIS, ATS, or payroll systems. Read more about CompuFACT
Verified First is a cloud-based platform, which helps businesses in healthcare, transportation, retail, financial services, and other sectors track and manage background checks for employees. The solution offers various features such as status tracking, drug testing, regulatory compliance, and more. Read more about Verified First
Veremark is a web-based reference and background check application which assists recruiters and HR professionals with candidate management and resume validation. Key features include referee feedback, ID verification, an applicant database, customizable reporting, and performance tracking. Read more about Veremark
HireRight is a background screening platform, which enables organizations to perform employment data verification such as criminal record and health checks before recruitment. HR professionals can gain insights into hiring trends & opportunities, create job baselines, and define best practices. Read more about HireRight
Ai-Powered Social Media Screening that helps companies eliminate their digital blind spots. Read more about Ferretly
TruScholar is India’s first digital certificates and digital badges issuance & management platform, powered by blockchain technology. Read more about TruScholar
ComplyCube empowers businesses to onboard more customers and tackle fraud with cutting-edge Identity Verification, AML, and KYC solutions. The AI-powered verification platform checks customer identities in seconds through ID documents, selfies, videos, government databases, and much more. Read more about ComplyCube
EPAY is an online human capital management system (HCM) designed to support business HR with features across recruitment, onboarding, time tracking and more Read more about EPAY HCM
AmericanChecked is a software solution for compliant background screening. It provides background checking services for US and international businesses. The software can screen individuals or be used to run background checks on vendors. The platform supports integration with many ATS/HRIS systems. Read more about AmericanChecked
WorkHub Tasks is a smart task management tool that uses AI to help your entire organization to stay organized. Read more about WorkHub Tasks
Asurint provides comprehensive background screening solutions that meet the needs of a range of businesses and government entities Read more about Asurint
With Guard, you can eliminate chargebacks and false positives, without negatively impacting the UX of your service, which translates into boosted sales. Nethone ATO Module protects your most valuable asset: customer accounts. Read more about Nethone Guard
Truora provides advanced technology solutions for businesses to ensure security and integrity in their operations. Main products include background checks, identity vlidation, electronic signatures and WhatsApp engagement platfomrs. Read more about Truora
CINCEL Background Check offers a comprehensive verification of an individual's background including identity, financial, credit, employment, financial, judicial, and black lists in Mexico, tapping into over 100 public records in under five minutes. Read more about CINCEL Background Check
Since 2015 Fama has helped talent acquisition professionals make better-informed hiring decisions through digital-first, artificial intelligence-powered solutions. Read more about Fama integrates pre-employment background checks into a central hub so teams can hire the right people, faster. It offers a vast range of checks in a fast, fully compliant, and cost-effective system. Read more about
In order to provide speed, accuracy, and trust in hiring for blue collar, white collar, extended workforce, and leadership positions, iBridge is a comprehensive background verification solution. It enables confidence between the candidate and the company while assisting in the reduction of onboarding TATs by up to 80%. Read more about iBridge
MeasureOne's consumer permissioned data platform is transforming the way businesses can access and leverage consumer data for growth and innovation with an unmatched range of data domains spanning income, education, employment, insurance, and more. Read more about MeasureOne
SheerID provides verification for online retailers and services to ensure that special offers, discounts or promotions are accessible to eligible customers only Read more about SheerID
Turbo is a field service & workforce management solution that helps businesses design, launch & manage online mobile applications. The product catalog management module lets users update & maintain products codes, images, descriptions, specifications & more via a centralized dashboard. Read more about Turbo
MiKiWaMe Point is a reference check service that enables corporations to conduct recruitment activities. By entering job seekers’ information on the web, MiKiWaMe Point provides a reference check request solution capable of reducing human resource operations burdens and facilitating the recruitment process. The evaluation function enables... Read more about MiKiWaMe Point
The UniCourt Enterprise API delivers real-time state and federal court data via LegalTech’s only API-first platform for business development, litigation strategy, docket management, and more. Read more about UniCourt Enterprise API
Our solutions can automatically query a large number of data sources in the shortest possible time, optimizing and standardizing search, minimizing potential risks. Read more about upMiner
Numaly is a background check tool that provides automated income and rent payment history verifications to landlords and lenders. Instant verifications allow decision-makers to save hours in the screening process instead of manually collecting, analyzing bank statements and making phone calls. It lets users verify applicant incomes without... Read more about Numaly
IntelliCorp is a web-based background screening software designed to help businesses manage background screening using professional references, drug screening, adverse action letters, education verification, arrest records, validated department of corrections, and more. It lets property owners qualify prospective tenants by identifying potential... Read more about IntelliCorp

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