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Quality Manager is a complete software that allows companies to manage EHS management systems easily. With Quality Manager, teams can optimize processes, reduce risk and ensure compliance and adapt to business sector regulatory or standard requirements. Read more about Quality Manager
DHC VISION | Software for controlled documents (eDMS), controlled procedures of QA (eQMS) and clinical trials (eTMF). EMA/FDA compliant. Software solutions for the digitalization and automation of quality (QM, QA) and compliance processes. Read more about DHC VISION
iCL is a software system that can be used to digitize intelligent checklists for all kinds of quality and safety controls. With the system, complex checklists can be easily created and adapted - independently or by our team. The inspectors fill out the checklists and generate ready-to-use reports. Read more about iCL
LAquis SCADA is a supervisory control and data acquisition software. Define I/O points, screen design, data storage in the database, report generation and application development. It can optionally be accessed via WEB and 3D interface. Read more about LAquis SCADA
Manage your core quality processes with Benchmark Gensuite's streamlined QMS solutions; built with the flexibility to suit your unique program. Read more about Benchmark Gensuite Supply Chain Risk
myeNovation is cloud & AI-based digital platform for the manufacturing industry. Read more about myeNovation
Qualify is a quality management solution that helps businesses streamline the software delivery process. Teams can unite all aspects of software application lifecycle management, from requirements to deployment according to requirements. Read more about Qualify
Solumina SQM is a cloud-based supplier quality management solution that enables manufacturers to assess overall supplier quality by accessing any supplier’s history of Non-Conformance Material Reports (NCMRs). It creates historical records for every Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) process that occurs during production to isolate the root... Read more about Solumina SQM
ManagementSystems is a web-based quality management software that helps businesses handle audit planning, facilitate the mapping of process landscapes, monitor equipment health, and more. Read more about ManagementSystems
Lowest investment in its category, with no user limits or charges for future modules released. Secure system with encryption of documents attached to the database. Benefit from the total decentralization of regulatory management tasks. Read more about HCSGI
An automated AI and ML-based case processing and analysis solution for adverse events arising from drugs, medical devices, vaccines, and combinational pharmaceuticals products. Read more about PvEdge

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