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Jetpack AMS is a cutting-edge platform built specifically for managing accreditation, assessment, and compliance by accrediting professionals. Whether you're an agency accrediting institutions or programs or an entity maintaining your accreditation, Jetpack has you covered. Read more about Jetpack Accreditation Management
Creatrix’s next-generation Accreditation Management automates the end-to-end accreditation processes of your program and institutional accreditations. It has AI-based CQI tools that verify and submits self-assessment reports in just a few clicks. Read more about Creatrix Campus
DocTract is a cloud-based solution designed to help organizations automate processes for creating, approving, revising, and renewing contracts and policies. Advanced security capabilities let users match employee profiles with relevant documents, which are distributed across stakeholders. Read more about DocTract
Weave is a cloud-based accreditation and assessment solution designed to help higher education institutions with program review, course planning, and more. The programmatic assessment functionality lets organizations analyze assessments and provide insight into student performance. Read more about Weave
Lineup is a cloud-based volunteer management software designed to help small and medium-sized businesses track employee and subject matter expert (SME) data, create a team database, and collect and compile information using surveys and forms. The platform lets teams bulk upload data and spreadsheets, which can be edited, filtered, and sorted based... Read more about Lineup
PowerDMS is a cloud-based software platform that automatically disseminates, collects signatures on, and tracks your organization’s policies and procedures. Read more about PowerDMS
Manage your accreditation program from start to finish with Submittable. Create a streamlined applicant experience, from the initial application through communication and follow up, all on one mobile-friendly platform. Then, Submittable makes your review workflow smarter and more efficient. Read more about Submittable
Zengine is the most flexible and configurable platform for full-cycle program management, supporting grantmakers and scholarship providers at mission-based organizations. Read more about WizeHive
Support & manage compliance with standards, meet Document Control requirements, and maintain up-to-date data across your organization. Read more about Qualtrax
Zealous is an online submission management system built to save time. It offers the ability to securely collect, store and analyse entries. This data can be shared with judges for remote scoring and assessment. It’s perfect for awards, competitions, commissions, grants and so much more. Read more about Zealous
SafeWrite is a complete end-to-end HSEQ solution that consolidates all Health, Safety, Environmental, and Quality processes into one platform. Integrated with over 15 registers to help managers and workers track, report and systemise key processes. Read more about SafeWrite
CommunityForce is an all-in-one, cloud-based grant management software which enables organizations of any size to manage grant applications, funding and awards Read more about Grants Management
INControl is a dedicated software solution that can manage your transport operations, logistics and supply chain in one system Read more about INControl
Our bespoke business management system, Titan, has been carefully developed to be user-friendly and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing IT network. The implementation of such a system has proven to be one of the most effective ways of achieving UKAS accredited ISO certification. Read more about Titan
ARMATURE Fabric is a customizable accreditation and quality management solution that caters to the need of businesses of all sizes in accreditation and other industries including manufacturing, aerospace, medical devices, automotive, and pharmaceuticals. Read more about ARMATURE
Edvera assists firms in streamlining how they process and submit applications, renewals, and reports. It serves state regulatory and government agencies. Key features include audit & workflow management, audit trail, API, ad hoc & progress tracking, client portal, and performance metrics. Read more about EDvera
RQ Awards is a scholarship management software designed to help businesses manage awards, fellowships, scholarships, internships, grants, mentorships, and board appointments. Key features include social media marketing, online advertising, sales funnel automation, search engine optimization (SEO), website designing and development, job boards... Read more about RQ Awards
CompMS helps institutions to be proactive and efficient by providing a competency-based assessment platform. The software these institutions to create, analyze and track student outcomes, competencies, and objectives. Based on proven case studies, this software can help streamline all aspects of a school’s assessment process including identifying... Read more about CORE CompMS
SPOL is a cloud-based strategic management software for higher education institutions which covers planning, budgeting, accreditation, credentialing, and assessment. The platform provides colleges and universities with a collaborative framework and real-time data for informed decision making. Read more about SPOL
CompWALK is an accreditation management system that combines all integral pieces of the accreditation process in a single solution to enable the automation of compliance, inspection & certification operations, with tools for managing documents, audits, corrective actions, expenses, and more Read more about CompWALK
Cloud-based software purpose built for higher education to support continuous improvement. Our software helps colleges and universities manage assessments, accreditations, curriculum, course evaluations, faculty activity, and much more. Read more about Watermark
Jura is a mobile-friendly accreditation management software designed for the accreditation industry, which offers an interactive visual dashboard for data and workflow management. The platform’s features across a range of modules are designed to meet the needs accreditation agencies of all sizes. Read more about Jura
Sonia is an institutional-based solution that assists academic institutions in creating efficient placement programs by relieving administrative burden for staff, students, and site contacts through intelligent workflows and comprehensive placement management. Read more about Sonia
Inpods AMS helps academic facilities manage critical workflow operations by using automated tools for assessment and accreditation. Key features include access control protocols, compliance management, workflow management, notifications, self-assessment, higher education, and performance tracking. Read more about Inpods AMS
MEDAD IEP automates evaluation practices and decision-making protocols to better support institutional effectiveness and performance. Read more about MEDAD Institutional Effectiveness Platform
Helps higher education institutions manage all students' academic records in a centralized way as well as maintain compliance with regulatory bodies like UGC and AICTE. Read more about MasterSoft Accreditation Data Management System
Creatrix Outcome-based education software is a straightforward solution for successful accreditation. This software supports a future-ready curriculum design framework, mapped as per OBE regulations. Read more about Creatrix Outcome-Based Education Software
Creatrix next-generation Accreditation Management is expressly designed to expertly manage the end-to-end accreditation processes of your program/institutional accreditations. Read more about Creatrix Accreditation Management Software

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