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Viewit3D is an all-in-one Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D product visualization solution. Viewit3D main features : - Request and manage 3D models - Customize Product Scene - Publish 3D experience on any channel - Track views & usage metrics Read more about Viewit3d
BUNDLAR is a cloud-based augmented reality (AR) software designed to help businesses of all sizes create, edit, deploy or track AR experiences on a centralized platform. Organizations can enhance self-guided tours using interactive content and manage assets on a drag-and-drop interface. Read more about BUNDLAR
The feature-packet consisting of Augmented Reality technology, workflows and visual assistance specifically convert traditional procedures to digital remote processes. Read more about oculavis SHARE
HoloBuilder enables construction teams to document and access site progress with ease. Read more about HoloBuilder
Retail VR is a SaaS platform that helps businesses boost sales with virtual and augmented reality and simplify access to 3D. Read more about Retail VR
Kiber is designed to help companies embark on an industrial transformational journey providing cutting-edge technology developed to empower the workforce in field maintenance and manufacturing day-to-day activities. Read more about Kiber 3
3D Cloud is an enterprise 3D platform that helps retailers build, deploy, and manage content for various products. Read more about 3D Cloud by Marxent
Modelry offers app-free mobile Augmented Reality (iOS & Android). Display your 3D product models on your website through web-native Augmented Reality - without additional apps, extensions, or coding. Read more about Modelry
Unity is a game development software designed to help businesses build and deploy 2D, 3D, and virtual reality (VR) applications across various platforms. It offers a visual scripting plugin, which enables administrators to conceptualize actions for games on a unified interface. Read more about Unity
Zakeke is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses in the eCommerce industry provide customers with live product customization tools. By using the application, clients can customize their products with texts, images, and logos according to requirements. Read more about Zakeke
iGUIDE is a virtual tour software that helps real estate businesses build 3D and 2D virtual environments with room dimensions, 360-degree images, and more on a centralized platform. It enables staff members to create and add color-coded floor plans in virtual tours to optimize user navigation. Read more about iGUIDE
Blitzz is a video-powered support platform which allows users to visualize customer problems, organize inquiries, collaborate, exchange documents & more. Blitzz is designed for field services such as electronic engineers, insurance providers, medical equipment technicians, IT specialists & more. Read more about Blitzz
Spark AR is an augmented reality (AR) platform that can be used by brands as a marketing tool. Businesses and individuals can create AR effects, publish and share them, and connect with other developers and creators. Effects can be shared on Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Lite, and Messenger. Read more about Spark AR
Market Your Products to your customers using immersive AR Experiences and Tryons created using Vossle. It's built just for you! Read more about Vossle
Visao is a web-based 3D and augmented reality (AR) platform that empowers manufacturers to share industrial designs and create interactive 3D digital visualizations to provide sales and marketing teams with the means to communicate their organization’s expertise. Read more about Visao
Viewabo visual support software lets customer support personnel access customer smartphone cameras for real-time remote visual support with one-click mobile screen share without having customers download an app. Read more about Viewabo
VSight Remote is a cloud-based remote assistance software that provides field technicians with various augmented reality (AR) tools to facilitate team communication and collaboration across maintenance repair operations (MRO). Businesses can share files and images with users in various formats. Read more about VSight Remote
We provide next generation video collaboration services to enable a company’s experts to work virtually side-by-side with anyone needing help. Our cloud-based solution applies augmented reality features to improve real-time to improve real-time communications and solve difficult problems. Read more about Help Lightning
Disrupting traditional methods by providing a easy to use visual assistance solution so that organisations can reduce costs, improve customer service which will reduce carbon emissions and delivery better staff wellbeing and compliance Read more about Fixzy Assist
ZapWorks is a robust content authoring platform for building Augmented Reality (AR) experiences across individual, business and educational purposes, with a suite of intuitive mobile supported tools for aiding designers, developers, teachers, 3D artists and more Read more about ZapWorks
Powertrak CPQ is a quoting, guided selling and ordering solution that offers 2D & 3D product configurations with virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. Read more about Powertrak CPQ Software Suite
Our VR & AR platform is designed to help employees in the aviation, automotive, pharma and biotech industry as well as logistic and warehouses and many more to get the most out of training employees. Read more about 3spin Learning
PaleBlue is a cloud-based solution which helps businesses of all sizes manage training processes and streamline workflows using augmented, virtual reality and 3D simulations, enabling users to import 3D models from multiple computer-aided design (CAD) sources to automatically optimize designs. Read more about PaleBlue
magicplan is a remodeling estimating solution that helps contractors use augmented intelligence to scan and measure the interiors of a property. The platform allows administrators to add 360-degree images, record field documentation, and leave notes on designs using a centralized dashboard. Read more about magicplan
As a content provider for Europe's biggest e-commerce platforms, our DAM enables manufacturers and retailers to manage and share high quality content in the most efficient way. A single cloud platform to create value from any assets. Read more about DemoUp Cliplister
BRIOXR is a cloud-based virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and 3D product visualization solution which allows users to showcase their standard & 360 videos. The codeless, drag-and-drop platform allows users to customize their content experiences with animations, triggers & clickable links. Read more about BrioXR
echoAR is a cloud-based platform for augmented and virtual reality that offers tools and server-side infrastructure to help developers and businesses build and deploy AR/VR applications. Read more about echo3D
The JigSpace App lets you create and share stunning augmented reality presentations. For schools, businesses, and everyone in-between. Read more about JigSpace
Streem is a cloud-based customer experience software that helps businesses leverage augmented reality (AR) to provide remote support and streamline administrative processes, such as quoting, service tasks, and more. With StreemCore, supervisors can conduct live video calls with customers and quickly resolve their queries. Read more about Streem
Prospect by IrisVR is a cloud-based virtual reality (VR) software, which helps educational institutes and architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) businesses design and implement 3D environments for training, demonstration, or product prototyping. Read more about IrisVR Suite
Hololink is an intuitive drag and drop platform designed to create interactive Augmented Reality experiences in record time, with no coding knowledge needed. Hololink works with WebAR, which needs no app download. The AR experience is instantly accessible on the browser of any smartphone. Read more about Hololink
ARToolKit is an AR tracking library that can create strong augmented reality objects for any real-world application. Read more about ARToolKit
Vuforia is a suite of augmented reality (AR) platforms, which enable businesses in aerospace, automotive, retail, electronics, manufacturing and other industries to manage processes such as remote assistance, employee training, marketing, course creation, and more. Experts can draw digital annotations on desktop or mobile screens to provide... Read more about Vuforia
Vuforia Engine is an application development platform that helps businesses create augmented reality-enabled applications for tablets, mobile devices, AR headsets, and smart glasses. Developers can put AR content on flat objects, cylindrical targets, flat surfaces with multiple sides, and conical shapes. Read more about Vuforia Engine
2iXR is a SAAS to create augmented reality experiences for apps without coding. We offer a SDK to integrate the experiences in customers apps if necessary. 2iXR team can also create the projects. Read more about 2iXR
TechSee is an intelligent visual support solution which provides SMBs & enterprises with a platform to assess, diagnose and resolve technical issues remotely Read more about TechSee
INDE Broadcast AR is an augmented reality software which enables users to create customizable, interactive 3D augmented reality experiences on any screen Read more about INDE BroadcastAR
Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that displays digital information videos, photos, links, sounds, games, etc. to be displayed on top of real world items when viewed through the lens of a smart device or a wearable device. Read more about Augmania
MAKAR is a virtual reality (VR) software designed to help businesses create and share augmented and virtual reality experiences on a unified platform. The AR module enables advertising and marketing agencies to create point collection, contest cards, and flashcards using built-in templates. Read more about MAKAR
Nuspace is a 3D meeting platform designed to help businesses across various industry verticals facilitate team collaboration using augmented, virtual, and mixed reality. Built with state-of-the-art modeling techniques, it lets users analyze collaborative data at all stages of the value chain. Read more about Nuspace
PulpoAR is a cloud-based virtual try-on solution designed specifically for sellers of fashion pieces such as glasses, makeup, and clothes. The augmented reality tool allows clients to try-on products virtually via website integration, smart mirrors, and digital signage before making purchases. Read more about PulpoAR
visionary is an AR software that uses augmented reality to present additional product information. The visionar application is intended for agencies, entrepreneurs, and developers, as well as for personal use. visionar is available as an SDK and in a studio version. Read more about visionar
Xibit is a cloud-based software designed for augmented/mixed reality purposes and particularly markets in the furniture industry. Manufacturers and retailers can offer 3D images of their products, which can be viewed via AR glasses in a real surrounding. Read more about Xibit
gethaip is an augmented reality (AR) tool that allows businesses to enhance the designs of their print magazines, brochures, or packaging using videos. Users can upload pictures on the platform and share designs with multiple recipients. Read more about gethaip
Variant is an augmented reality (AR) solution designed to help businesses generate custom 3D product previews with quick looks to provides a realistic experience to customers. Read more about Variant
The Sayduck Platform enables Web3D & AR experiences for eCommerce. Read more about Sayduck
Industry XR is an immersive virtual reality (VR) & augmented reality (AR) application management solution for Industry 4.0 and innovative training coordination tool with cross-platform features. Read more about Industry XR
Augmentir is a next-generation connected worker platform that enables rapid and sustainable digital transformation for manufacturing and service companies of any size. It combines Enterprise AR with AI to empower the frontline workforce. Read more about Augmentir
Virtual Fitting app that enable e-commerce businesses with virtual fitting experience and hyper-personalization Read more about EasyTry
Enklu is an augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) platform designed to help businesses create, manage, operate, and distribute spatial 3D simulations and applications. Users can create prototypes of new layouts, share animated spatial concepts, upload assets, build interactive scenarios, and publish them across devices. Read more about Enklu

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