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Stampede is a customer management system that helps businesses in the hospitality sector retain existing or new customers via gift cards, guest Wi-Fi networks, marketing tools, and more. It provides a data capture module, which lets administrators automatically capture customer data in compliance with GDPR, request client preferences on food via a... Read more about Stampede
Leading system for gift card, coupon and loyalty software. Sell, redeem and manage all your vouchers online and offline. Boost sales and liquidity in a fast, secure and proven way. Register today for free and start setting up your own voucher shop within minutes. From 0€ per month. Read more about gurado
Eber is a loyalty marketing platform and all-in-one member solution for businesses to easily manage and grow their customer, loyalty, and revenue. Read more about Eber
Sistemanube is a system for adding and exchanging points, discounts, prizes, and promotions for customer groups. It is a professional web catalog for exchanging points for prizes via digital wallet and card. Read more about Sistemanube
Jayu is an all-in-one customer loyalty software designed to help organizations manage customer loyalty programs, marketing campaigns, and customer retention operations on a unified portal. Enterprises can design personalized web pages to display products, offer rewards, gift cards, and loyalty points, and show upcoming events' details and... Read more about Jayu
A comprehensive platform that allows you to manage the entire loyalty program lifecycle efficiently. Read more about Novus Loyalty

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