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118 Software options is a cloud-based enterprise risk management suite designed to help businesses across retail banking, eCommerce, FinTech, eCommerce, government, hospitality, and other sectors detect and prevent identity frauds using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Read more about
Our modular API-s can help you stop fraudsters of any complexity. Block carders, account takeovers and sophisticated fraud rings with ease, relying on defences that you can be sure they cannot scale. Read more about SEON. Fraud Fighters
Configure data access flows, establish signatory rights, protect with ongoing OFAC screening, and help prevent fraud with Tipalti's accounts payable controls. Read more about Tipalti is the go-to subscription ecommerce platform for lasting bonds between brands and people. Read more about
Onfido's Real Identity Platform is an end-to-end, AI powered identity verification solution that helps businesses seamlessly onboard customers while stopping fraud, and navigating regulatory requirements. Read more about Onfido
NameScan assist firms in complying with AML/CTF and sanctions regulations and reducing reputational risk by providing KYC and KYB screening solutions. Read more about NameScan
If you are a financial entity, credit card institution, life insurance company, or another company that falls under the Law on the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism, Aprenet is the AML software you need to comply with the law. Read more about Fastcheck
Working month-to-month - 0 risk, no commitments. FUGU offers a 360° self-learning fraud prevention strategy fighting fraud at various points along the transaction life cycle. Now online sellers can be sure that maximum transactions are approved with minimal exposure to future chargebacks. Read more about FUGU
MemberCheck's Risk Management and reporting solution helps businesses conduct AML/CTF screening based on global standards. The solution specialises in PEP, Sanctions, Adverse Media and ID Verification. Read more about MemberCheck
GPayments is a Fraud Prevention solution provider, securing web based transactions. We protect our clients against fraud and chargebacks and offers frictionless payment experience. Read more about GPayments
Cloud-based anti-financial crime solution for transaction monitoring, risk scoring, screening and case management. Read more about AMLYZE
fcase is a financial fraud detection software designed to help businesses of all sizes detect counterfeiting, embezzlement, and other malpractices. It allows financial and investment organizations to streamline legal, compliance, customer experience, and fraud investigation processes. Read more about fcase
Celebrus Fraud Data Platform delivers comprehensive, real-time identity and behavioral data across all digital touchpoints, contained directly within your own environment for full visibility and compliance. Empower your existing fraud management systems with insights to prevent fraud in real-time. Read more about Celebrus Fraud Data Platform
Transactional fraud detection and prevention built for flexibility, accuracy and speed. Read more about aiReflex
PayPal Commerce Platform is a comprehensive solution designed to serve your business needs and your customers, whether you’re just getting started or already a thriving enterprise or marketplace. Read more about PayPal
MATLAB is a programming and numeric computing platform, which enables businesses and educational institutions to create models, develop algorithms, analyze data sets and more. Professionals can use the live editor to create scripts and enhance code with hyperlinks, images, and headings. Read more about MATLAB
Kount's online platform provides a simple and comprehensive tool to reduce fraud and manual reviews for online and CNP merchants Read more about Kount
Backed by the world's largest merchant network, Signifyd's Guaranteed Fraud Protection solution evaluates orders at checkout & delivers instant decisions backed by a 100% financial guarantee against fraud on all approved orders - allowing you to shift liability, trust customers, and grow fearlessly. Read more about Signifyd
Braintree Payment Solutions is an online payment gateway that allows to process eCommerce transactions on mobile platforms and desktop. It provide multi-lingual sales and live support with fraud protection assessments. Customized design of the checkout to match application or website interface. Read more about Braintree
eftsure is a cloud-based financial fraud detection solution for small to large businesses. The platform employs a multi-factor verification approach that protects organizations from financial loss due to cybercrime, fraud, and other security breaches. eftsure helps CFOs and finance teams handle payment errors, supplier onboarding, fraud checks,... Read more about eftsure
Pi is an ML-driven decision-making engine that dynamically personalizes and manages risk for individual users throughout their lifecycle so that businesses can shoulder the burden of risk more easily and proactively pursue their growth strategies. Read more about Pi.
Corpay's payment solution enables accounts payable teams to pay all vendor invoices, regardless of payment type, in a single, automated workflow. Read more about Corpay
Fraud prevention solution to protect the online businesses from payment frauds. Read more about FraudLabs Pro
Riskified is an eCommerce revenue protection and fraud prevention platform which helps businesses increase conversions and block fraud from login to checkout with account protection, payment authorization, dynamic checkout tools, and more Read more about Riskified
Alessa is a fraud detection and prevention solution that allows organizations to analyze all their financial transactions, screen vendors and customers, identify suspicious operations, track investigations and ensure compliance to policies and procedures. Read more about Alessa
Midigator offers a scalable and complete chargeback management strategy to solve the entire problem, not just the most apparent or easiest-to-handle threats. Our goal is to protect the maximum amount of your revenue in the most efficient and accurate way possible. Read more about Midigator
Bolt is a mobile optimized checkout, payments and fraud detection solution for eCommerce sites that promises to reduce cart abandonment and boost sales conversions, analyze transactions with an AI-powered fraud engine for identifying risk & approving orders, while providing dashboard-based analytics Read more about Bolt
Sanction Scanner is an AI-driven AML compliance software. It provides AML screening and transaction monitoring solutions as well as global sanction and PEP screening services. Read more about Sanction Scanner
TLOxp by TransUnion provides identity data and other actionable insights for organizations. It can be used to conduct advanced searches and is suitable for financial services, insurance, law enforcement, government, and other industries. TLOxp supports TCPA-compliant phone & contact data verification, fraud management, vehicle sightings, contact... Read more about TLOxp
Our SAP-embedded Fraud Monitor provides rule-based checks for up to 100% of payment transactions. It checks -payments against criteria such as payment frequency, beneficiary details, amounts, and data changes. You can flexibly configure the screening rules to address your individual fraud scenarios. Read more about Serrala Suite
Ocrolus leverages file tampering detection and arithmetic checks to identify suspicious documents, missing pages, and invalid dates & amounts. Leverage pattern recognition to stop bad actors and get ahead of the latest methods used by fraudsters. Read more about Ocrolus
Sift is the Digital Trust & Safety Suite of products and services that leverages machine learning with custom models and real-time scoring based on 16,000+ signals. Leading brands trust Sift to protect 34,000 global sites from payment fraud, account takeover, chargebacks and fraudulent activities. Read more about Sift
Pipl is the world's leading provider of online identity information with over 3 billion cross-referenced online identities. Read more about Pipl
Ondato is a cloud-based compliance management solution for financial institutions, which provides tools for identity verification, customer onboarding, data validation, authentication & more. The suite of tools includes photo and video identity verification, facial biometric authentication & more. Read more about Ondato
Emailage is a cloud-based financial fraud detection & email risk scoring platform for eCommerce, financial, technology, travel & hospitality, gaming, event ticketing and lending sectors, which enables organizations to assess risks across transactions through email intelligence analysis Read more about Emailage
Radware Bot Manager is an automated bot detection solution that is suitable for websites and mobile applications. It is suitable for businesses in various industries, including e-commerce, financial services, travel, media, and others. With this solution, users gain granular visibility and detailed insights related to malicious bot traffic.... Read more about Radware Bot Manager
Take a risk-based approach to monitoring transactions for illicit activity. Only SAS delivers high-performance analytics and multiple detection methods so you can monitor more risks – in very large data volumes – in minutes, not hours, to comply with anti-money laundering and counterterrorist financing regulations. And safeguard your institution’s... Read more about SAS Anti-Money Laundering
Ekata is an identity verification software that helps eCommerce businesses approve transactions, detect financial fraud, manage account openings, and more on a centralized platform. It uses machine learning technology to view top risk signals, detect discrepancies, and highlight warning signals. Read more about Ekata Pro Insight
Arbutus Audit Analytics is a financial fraud detection software designed to help businesses explore, verify, analyze, and communicate findings to colleagues. The platform enables managers to deploy centralized audit analytics, continuous monitoring, and compliance management processes. Read more about Arbutus Audit Analytics
With Guard, you can eliminate chargebacks and false positives, without negatively impacting the UX of your service, which translates into boosted sales. Nethone ATO Module protects your most valuable asset: customer accounts. Read more about Nethone Guard
Actimize's AML solution suite enables integrated AML lifecycle management while delivering insight across the customer lifecycle to ensure smart and cost-effective AML operations for a positive, holistic customer experience. Read more about Actimize Platform
Feedzai is a cloud-based risk management software that helps businesses leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology and machine learning capabilities to detect cyber threats or risks across financial transactions or accounts. Supervisors can conduct risk assessments, monitor the status of transactions as ‘fraud’ or ‘not fraud’, and analyze... Read more about Feedzai
Provides an enterprise platform enabling efficient detection, investigation, and reporting of suspected money laundering and terrorist financing activity. The solution allows organizations such as banks, brokerage firms, and insurance companies to monitor customer transactions daily. Read more about Oracle AML and Financial Crime Compliance Management
Persona helps businesses of all sizes easily and securely manage fully compliant KYC, AML, and identity verification programs. Read more about Persona
Alloy is the command center for identity that covers compliance and fraud-fighting needs. From automatic decisions and fewer manual reviews to smooth onboarding, Alloy is how smart banks and fintech companies take a closer look at the whole picture. Read more about Alloy
buguroo is a fraud detection tool that helps banks and financial service providers protect accounts from data manipulation attacks. It allows businesses to implement Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliance to detect malware by analyzing risk values across payment transactions in real-time. Read more about Revelock
RISK IDENT is specialized software for the prevention of online fraud. To aid the identification of fraudulent transactions, the package carries out automated evaluations and interprets data points to calculate results. RISK IDENT gives real-time results, which enables companies to take action. Read more about Risk Ident

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