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Link management for branding
Rebrandly is a solution for creating, sharing and managing branded links with a custom domain name with the aim of improving brand visibility Read more about Rebrandly
Customer attribution solution for marketing teams
PixelMe is a cloud-based solution that assists marketing teams with customer attribution, audience building, and conversion tracking. Key features include customer journey mapping, channel management, audience retargeting, link embedding, trend analysis, and budget optimization. Read more about PixelMe
Influencer outreach management platform
BuzzStream is an application designed to help marketers reach out to influencers and build relationships through link building and digital PR management Read more about BuzzStream
All-in-one UTM Builder & Link Management App for Marketers
All-in-one automated UTM Builder and Link Management platform for Marketers We create your tagged links, short links and spreadsheets. For businesses using Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics. Read more about CampaignTrackly
Cloud-based link management tools for digital marketers
oogur is a cloud-based link management tool for digital marketers, which helps create, edit, tag, shorten and clone campaign uniform resource locator (URLs) & urchin tracking modules (UTMs). It allows users to pre-define sources & create multiple URLs for one campaign with different sources. Read more about oogur
Link management platform to optimize marketing activities
Gitt is a link management SaaS solution for marketers that improves customer conversion via tools for shortening links, traffic analytics, targeting, remarketing and custom landing pages. It also provides an API to manage, analyze and retarget marketing goals. Read more about Gitt