Delivery Software are logistics tools companies can use to plan, execute, manage, and optimize delivery activities. By their very nature, these digital solutions can also centralize communication by enabling all those involved in the delivery lifecycle to connect through a single platform. Delivery management software (DMS) can be used by business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies in product-based industries like manufacturing, retailing, and fashion brands, as well as those specializing in logistics, warehousing, food delivery, or field services. Various professionals, including logistics managers, dispatchers, agents, and drivers, can streamline delivery processes from pickup to the last mile. Their mainstay is the ability to automate dispatches, collections, routing, and drop-offs. Delivery management systems also offer a consumer interface, enabling them to trace parcels in transit, often with real-time geolocation tracking. Delivery services for small businesses can boost fleet visibility, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce carbon footprints. Such tools can handle tracking various vehicles, load capacities, drivers, routes, and types of parcels, helping boost efficiency and making last-mile deliveries more predictable to enable forecasting and flow automation. They can also help streamline communication by granting drivers access to specific information, including proof of delivery, recycling rules, and product assembly instructions. Some of the most common features of the delivery management app are order and dispatch management, routing, scheduling, and notifications for dispatchers and back-office staff. Delivery tracking and scheduling software is a type of Logistics Software, though it often comprises Food Delivery, Courier, and Field Service Management Software. Find the best delivery software for your business in Canada.

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Thanks to bMoves, delivery companies can save money by monitoring delivery persons. Thanks to an intuitive mobile application, delivery persons can accurately record their activities. bMoves automatically complement this information with vehicles and geographical data. Read more about bMoves
Routingo is a cloud-based solution, which helps businesses in logistics, food and beverage, retail, and other sectors manage delivery operations via route planning, driver tracking, dispatch management, and more. The platform provides several features including cargo tracking, field data management, reporting, mobile access, alerts/notifications,... Read more about Routingo
Delivery & takeaway solutions for F&B brands. Drive sales with your own custom, white-label e-Shop. Oddle helps manages your logistics allowing users to enjoy full control over their customer data and generate greater returns with consistent customer engagement. Read more about Online Ordering System
Rocketeer Couriers is a cloud-based courier platform that helps track and manage online courier deliveries via location monitoring, payment processing, job requests, admin portal, and more. The solution offers various features such as artificial intelligence (AI), mobile access, and dispatch management. Read more about Rocketeer Couriers
ORCODA Logistics Management System is a transport logistics management solution that optimizes, integrates and digitally transforms transport operations. Streamline transport and supply chain logistics with full visibility. It enables teams to rapidly implement control over in-field operations in real-time. Read more about ORCODA Logistics Management System
uEngage FLASH is a cloud-based field management system that allows you to manage all in-house riders and deliveries, while ensuring enhanced customer experience. It comprises of the following features rider app, real-time order tracking by customers, allocate multiple orders for 1 trip, delivery time calculation per order, average delivery time... Read more about Uengage Flash
ZetesChronos is an electronic proof of delivery software that connects drivers, back-office workers, and logistics management and gives real-time visibility on goods, vehicles, and returnable assets so teams can ensure the perfect delivery. Read more about ZetesChronos
Deliverd is a delivery management solution that revolutionizes last-mile capabilities and customer interactions, empowering informed decision-making with comprehensive analytics reporting. Read more about Deliverd
Cloud-based software for the delivery industry that allows you to take control of all business operations. It can be purchased in a SaaS or OnPremise model Read more about e-Parcel
DriverUp is a fleet management software that helps drivers, operators, and transport owners handle jobs, vehicle maintenance, and customers from within a unified platform. Read more about DriverUp
Fleet offers the easiest way to manage and scale local deliveries. It offers route planning, auto dispatch, live tracking, and much more. Read more about Fleet
Deliver more for customers with DeliveryTrack®: compliant pharmacy delivery software designed to manage logistics – from item validation and route optimization to signature capture. Use DeliveryTrack to reduce audit risks and maximize accountability. Designed for Android™ and Apple® devices. Read more about DeliveryTrack
Consumer-centric AI-powered urban delivery platform. VanOnGo brings consumer-centric tech to​ the world of urban last mile delivery. This platform enables transparent and precise delivery (both for merchants and fleets) which increases loyalty thus increasing revenue. Read more about VanOnGo
MyTracking is a Portuguese-language system for managing deliveries in real time that makes it possible to actively monitor a vehicle fleet, including the stops made during the day, refueling, and accidents, and it also controls the drivers' schedules in compliance with the current laws in force. Read more about MyTracking
ZenTrack is an online last-mile platform that can make your logistics process easier and more efficient. Read more about zenTrack

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