Delivery Management Software (DMS) are logistics tools companies can use to plan, execute, manage, and optimise their delivery activities. By their very nature, these types of digital solutions can also centralise communication by enabling all those involved in the delivery lifecycle to connect through a single platform. Delivery software can be used by business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies in product-based industries like manufacturing, retailing, and fashion brands, as well as those specialising in logistics, warehousing, food delivery, or field services. A variety of professionals, including logistics managers, dispatchers, agents, and drivers, can streamline delivery processes, from pickup to the last mile. Their mainstay typically is the ability to automate dispatches, collections, routing, and drop-offs. Most DMS tools also offer an interface for consumers, enabling them to trace parcels in transit, often with real-time geolocation tracking. A delivery management system can help boost fleet visibility, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce carbon footprints. Such tools can handle tracking various vehicles, load capacities, drivers, routes, and types of parcels, helping boost efficiency and making last-mile deliveries more predictable to enable forecasting, and flow automation. They can also help streamline communication by granting drivers access to specific information, including proof of delivery, recycling rules, and product assembly instructions. Some of the most common features of DMS tools are order and dispatch management, routing, scheduling, and notifications for dispatchers and back-office staff. Delivery tracking and scheduling software could be described as a type of Logistics Software, though it often comprises Food Delivery, Courier, and Field Service Management Software.

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Cigo is a cloud-based delivery tracking and route optimization solution, designed to help businesses in industries including moving, pharmacy, grocery, servicing, logistics, construction, and junk removal, manage and optimize their customer’s last-mile experience. Read more about Cigo
DispatchTrack is a route planning and field service management software that helps businesses manage dispatch operations, logistics, customer communications, order-tracking, billing, and appointment booking on a centralized platform. Read more about DispatchTrack
HyperTrack is the live location cloud for deliveries, visits and rides. Its technology enables businesses to focus on growth and deliver better customer experiences with less location infrastructure to build and operate. Read more about HyperTrack
TraceItUp is a delivery management solution that helps restaurants streamline the delivery process to reduce costs, and increase sales. The platform allows businesses to track drivers and manage deliveries in real-time via a unified portal. Read more about TraceItUp
Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM Cloud is a cloud-based supply chain management solution that offers distribution, manufacturing, inventory management and fleet management within a suite. Read more about Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM
FlashBox's dashboard allows deliveries to be placed one by one, in bulk uploads, or through APIs to Shopify, ShipStation, and others. This enables merchants to place orders through the site. Read more about FlashBox
Stream Go is a cloud-based delivery, transport, and vehicle management solution for logistics companies, with tools for planning and optimizing routes, tracking drivers in real time, collecting proof of delivery, offering customer self service, providing transparent customer service, and more. Read more about Stream Go
Zippykind is a delivery management solution designed to help businesses in industries, including medical, floral, food & beverage, retail, dry cleaning, and home care, streamline delivery operations. It lets merchants add order details, assign delivery tasks to drivers & track delivery progress. Read more about Zippykind
TransVirtual provides a frictionless transport management system (TMS) for couriers, dispatchers, and freight brokers. Read more about TransVirtual
We have an advanced industry-leading software to provide the best delivery options available for the clients. Read more about Shipox DMS
Elite™ DM is a powerful event tracking & mobile system to give your delivery fleet tools & information to provide exceptional service. Read more about Tecsys Elite
Logibee is an AI-powered, location intelligent, delivery management software that can help businesses fulfil their logistics requirements with efficient route planning, capacity utilization and real-time analytics that allow for handling evolving on ground situations and avoid delivery failures. Read more about Logibee
DeonDe is an On Demand, Multi vendor Ordering and delivery solution for managing your Ordering and delivery startup, anywhere in the world. Read more about DeOnDe
Onro, as a design-first delivery management software, provides a high-tech solution for companies who want to be more automated, reduce costs and have better control over the business. Read more about Onro
Posibolt is a retail POS and inventory management solution for multi-store and omnichannel operations. Read more about Posibolt
Everest allows delivery professionals to centralize all the logistics flows of a company within the same platform. The platform assists with dispatch, route optimization, and real-time tracking. It offers an application for iOS and Android devices, enabling drivers to streamline status management and collect proof of delivery. It offers a... Read more about Everest
ShipTrack is a cloud based shipment tracking software that tracks the movement of goods worldwide while also sending notifications to vendors and customers. Read more about ShipTrack
Vexsys is a tool for the technological management of logistics yards through integration with ERP, WSM, and TMS systems. It helps label the fleet and antennas in the strategic points of a loading area for real-time control over stages of logistics processes for companies. Read more about Vexsys
PakLog is a delivery management software for mail and parcel centers, private and corporate mailrooms, residential concierge and university housing associations. Supervisors can manage inbound deliveries, conduct audits, maintain records, and notify customers via texts or emails. Organizations can send email announcements to recipients and... Read more about PakLog
AllRide Apps provides smart applications for Transport & Delivery businesses to help them maximize operational efficiency with an optimal amount of automation, and AI-based predictive analysis and forecasting. Read more about AllRide Apps
Powerful solution for delivery management and real-time tracking. Create optimised route easy and fast. No more spreadsheets, whiteboards and Google maps. Perfect for couriers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, e-commerce, waste management, roadside assistance and many other areas Read more about Logdio
nuDeliverIt platform provides AI based route planning, delivery orchestration, real time driver visibility and analytics for transportation network operations Read more about nuVizz
Mojro's ExecuteWyse brings ground intelligence to your fingertips for effective decisions and modifications based on real-time data. Read more about ExecuteWyse
Targomo offers businesses in retail, hospitality, instant & last-mile delivery, real estate and (e-)mobility an easy-to-use location intelligence platform to combine and analyze all branch-related data in a single tool: TargomoLOOP. The basic version is free of charge and plug-and-play. Read more about TargomoLOOP
A delivery route planner that combines a desktop web application and mobile driver app that can save your business thousands in delivery costs. Read more about SmartRoutes
Intelligent Shipper is a powerful cloud-based shipping API that is simple to deploy for carrier management, tracking, returns and reporting. Read more about Intelligent Shipper
Cristal is a supply chain management software designed to help businesses in the transportation and logistics sector manage fleet, from tracking vehicle movements and monitoring driver performance to providing feedback on driver behavior. The software features a mobile application that allows drivers to view subscription plan details, manage... Read more about Cristal
Wing DS is a cloud-based delivery management system that aims to help retail firms with route planning, dispatching, fleet tracking, location mapping and payment processing. It records customer feedback, generates customized reports, measures driver performance and assists with resource allocation. Read more about WING SaaS
ClearDestination is a cloud-based delivery management solution for retailers, carriers and manufacturers that provides integrated software boasting modules across delivery management, scheduling, logistics, route planning and optimization, drop and eCommerce shipping, warehouse management and more Read more about ClearDestination
Olo is a leading on-demand commerce platform powering the restaurant industry’s digital transformation. Over 500 restaurant brands use Olo to grow digital sales, maximize profitability, and preserve direct consumer relationships. Read more about Olo
PDQ POS, a top rated point of sale system, is designed specifically for pizzerias, quick serve, fast casual, and delivery services. The secure hybrid platform provides features for POS management, payment processing, enterprise reporting, back office management, employee management, and much more. Read more about PDQ POS
Locate2u is a fleet management software designed to help businesses streamline route optimization, GPS tracking, and dispatching operations. The platform enables managers to track drivers’ locations, manage bookings, and capture and store customer data in a centralized repository. Read more about Locate2u
tiramizoo developed the Last Mile Master for the optimization of last-mile logistics. The SaaS platform was awarded multiple times. With many practical features, it will simplify logistics processes for you and make you more efficient. Read more about tiramizoo Last Mile Master
Design and optimization of end-to-end transportation scenarios. Integrated planning of transport routing, tours & frequencies in line with dynamic transport demand. Read more about SCM - Transportation Planning & Scheduling
All-in-one SaaS platform that helps managers and teams automate their deskless workforces. Transform your field sales teams with Fieldproxy Read more about Fieldproxy
Dropon is an easy-to-use delivery management platform. It enables you to manage and plan all your deliveries, dispatch them to drivers and have a live follow-up on the progress. Read more about Dropon
Maxoptra enables efficient delivery management through efficient, realistic and reliable route planning. Added benefits come from inbuilt POD functionality. Read more about Maxoptra
Trackin is a food and restaurant delivery management system, which helps businesses manage cost management, order processing, delivery tracking, communications & more. The platform enables organizations to define multiple delivery zones, add drivers, and monitor orders to ensure timely deliveries. Read more about Trackin
Sorted helps businesses of all sizes manage checkout, shipments, warehouse fulfillment, customer experience, and more. The PRO module enables organizations to consolidate and view carrier information, automate allocation and label generation operations, and track deliveries via a unified portal. Read more about Sorted—trusted by Mcdonald's and other leading global brands for delivering joy to customers. Read more about sendi
Yojee (YOJ:ASX) is a delivery management software which allows you to gain full visibility and control on your logistics operations, manage your partners and scale your business. Read more about Yojee
Route Optimiser is a schedule and route optimization software that helps transport and mobile field service business customers to improve productivity and cut costs through features for strategic transport and planning, daily route scheduling and optimization, and real-time fleet management Read more about PTV Route Optimizer
shipcloud is an easy to use cloud-based shipping platform connecting retailers and market places to all carriers in one interface (DHL, DHL Express, UPS, Deutsche Post, DPD, Hermes, etc). It’s pre-integrated into 130+ shop/ERP-systems, allowing automated international shipping, tracking and returns. Read more about shipcloud
Lyve nGage is a one-stop Delivery Management software to streamline your last mile delivery operations, utilize fleet, reduce cost, and deliver the best customer experience. Read more about nGage
Delivery Management Platform & Route Optimization Based on AI for businesses of all sizes and industries (including transportation) Read more about pickpack
MoveX is a cloud-based transportation management software that provides businesses with tools to automate fleet and dispatch operations on a centralized platform. Supervisors can use the dashboard to manage routing operations and gain a 360-degree view of all vehicles and fleet activities on a unified location. Read more about MoveX
It is a simple, secure, and uniquely designed product that enables its users to be at the helm of managing their task workforce, processes, and transactions. TraQSuite offers software as a service (SaaS) and is the digital solution for all your distribution needs. Read more about TraQSuite
Prism Visual Software is a cloud-based route planning and distribution management solution designed to help businesses streamline inventory, accounting, and field service operations on a centralized platform. Supervisors can maintain a record of available equipment inventory, schedule service maintenance, and avoid stockouts via threshold... Read more about Prism Visual Software
Dista Deliver is a comprehensive first, middle, and last mile delivery solution to enhance deliveries, productivity, resource utilization, and customer experience. Powered by Google Maps, this customizable system makes it easy to automate, manage, and analyze on-demand deliveries. Read more about Dista Deliver

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